Neil Patrick Harris Engaged

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Neil Patrick Harris, star of films that include “Clara’s Heart,” “Starship Troopers, “Beastly,” and most recently his TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” and his long-time boyfriend, David Burtka, confirmed their engagement.

According to RTT News, Harris stated that he and David had proposed to each other five years ago and have been “wearing their engagement rings for ages.” The happy couple announced their long-time engagement last weekend, after the announcement of the New York State Senate legalizing gay marriage. They had kept their engagement a secret until the legalization of the same-sex marriage. The Senate legalized gay marriage last Friday on June 24, 2011.

Harris was very vocal about the vote through his Twitter account. Before the vote was passed, he tweeted his desire for the marriage equality bill to get passed so that he could get married. According to MSNBC News, when NY passed the bill, Harris stated through Twitter, “It PASSED! Marriage equality in NY!! Progress!! Thank you everyone who worked so hard on this!! A historic night!” Many other celebrities celebrated and rejoiced when the bill was passed that include Ricky Martin, Kathy Griffin, Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, and Katy Perry.

Burtka and Harris are positively excited about their upcoming wedding and are in plans of choosing a date for it. They are also the proud parents of their fraternal twins, a boy named Gideon Scott and a girl named Harper Grace. The twins were born on Oct. 12, 2010 via a surrogate mother. Soon the sound of wedding bells will be in their future in addition the crying of their children. I hope to get an invite cause their wedding party should be a smash hit with Harris’s known singing talents and magician tricks. I wonder what magic trick he’ll pull up next?

Photos courtesy of David Shankbone and Greg Hernandez via Flickr.

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