MTV’S Real World Returns to San Diego

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MTV’s pioneer reality show, “The Real World” has returned to San Diego for its 26th season, scheduled to air later this year.  This time situated in a multi-million dollar house in the Bird Rock neighborhood just south of La Jolla, the premise remains the same:  seven multi-cultural and usually attractive young people living together in a new city and new house, with cameras documenting their every hook-up, confrontation, and outings.

Since its debut in 1992 in New York City, the reality show has visited and filmed in nearly all the world’s major metropolitan areas, ranging from Los Angeles, Vegas, Cancun, Paris, London, Sydney, and numerous other locales that serve as backdrops to the drama that ensues on set and then sells to young viewers as entertainment.  “The Real World” has been credited as a pioneer in the modern reality television genre and is currently the longest-running reality series in history.

The last time “The Real World” filmed in San Diego was in 2004, a season which featured two arrests and a sexual assault investigation.  Still, Executive Producer Jonathan Murray notes in a recent press release that after an extremely successful 25th season in Las Vegas, San Diego is the perfect location for “The Real World’s” next destination.

“We’re excited to return to San Diego, a city that has always been a magnet for young people with its beautiful beaches, sunny skies, laidback lifestyle and welcoming spirit,” he said.

Neighbors of “The Real World” house are not so enthusiastic about the show’s return to San Diego.

“This ‘Real World’ seems like a lot of glorifying substance abuse and partying and that’s all going to be right here in this quiet neighborhood,” said resident John Bannon.  With all the extra traffic the show is expected to bring, he is concerned for the safety of his two young children.

Filming is scheduled to start this summer, and it will be aired on MTV later this year.

Images by Berto Garcia and via Flickr.

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