Matthew Broderick returns as Ferris Bueller

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Ten seconds was all it took to set the Internet on fire after a new video aired Thursday night.  It was short and simple, but had the power to excite generations of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fans.

The clip starred Matthew Broderick with a familiar gleam in his eye dawning a bathrobe and reciting the line, “How can I handle work on a day like today?” It recalled all the wise-guy humor of the 1986 film and generated rumors that a sequel to the movie produced and written by John Hughes was in the works.

The only clue that viewers are left with is a date after Broderick is removed from view.  Cool blue numbers appear across a black screen as signature music from the film plays in the background.  The date corresponds to the the day of the Super Bowl, February 5th, prompting reporters to uncover rumors that Ferris Bueller will be starring in a Honda commercial highlighting memorable moments from the film and reinacting them with Honda cars.  Currently no one knows if Cameron, Sloane, or Principal Rooney will be returning to join in the ad, but it has been revealed that the director of Old School and the Hangover, Todd Phillips, will be working on the commercial.

News that the video may only be a teaser for Honda has angered many fans who had high hopes of another day off with Ferris.  In the twenty-six years since the film debuted it has generated an incredible following who love the iconic moments of the film.  If the rumors of a Honda studded Super Bowl commercial are true one can only hope that the company pays its tribute to the beloved film well.  Fans will surely be upset if the commercial is done poorly.  The only way to know what’s in store will be to tune in during Super Bowl XLVI and see what Ferris Bueller has to reveal.

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