Mark Zuckerberg’s New Puppy Gets a Facebook Page

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The Facebook creator and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, got a puppy! The couple notified the public by creating a Facebook fan page. Beast, the dog’s name, must be a term of endearment from Zuckerberg and Chan as he has been welcomed in to the $7 billion net worth family and coined a “public figure” on Facebook.

The newest addition to Zuckerberg and Chan’s household, Beast is certainly just a puppy. He was born January 10, 2011 in Grass Pass, Oregon. He is a Puli, a type of Hungarian sheep dog. According to Wikipedia, Puli dogs are very intelligent. They are also surprisingly fast and agile athletes. Pulis are most often used to guard livestock, or they function as police dogs, as they are extremely protective and territorial. However, the Puli is also “sensitive, fun loving and courageous” yet headstrong at times.

So far the Beast already has over 10,000 likes and three posts updating fans of the puppy’s status. An update from Monday morning…the Beast has “just learned how to climb stairs. I’m such a champion.” It looks like Zuckerberg and Chan are enjoying the love of their new pet. Under Beast’s personal interests, it states “cuddling, loving and eating.” This simple life of little pooch is certainly clear. Zuckerberg has already posted pictures of him and his pooch. Most of the pictures feature Beast and Zuckerberg together at their Palo Alto home and a few include car rides and the front porch.

After the release of the Hollywood hit, The Social Network, Zuckerberg’s image has taken a hard hit. Actor Jesse Eisenberg was Oscar nominated for his depiction of Zuckerberg as a cut-throat businessman yet a cute, fluffy white puppy may be the marketing tool to soften his image.

Visit Beast, at, and tell us what you think!

What do you guys think of Mark Zuckerberg’s newest pet? Are you going to “like” the Beast?

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