Local surfer brings home the championship from Rosarito

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Local surfer Eric McHenry dominated in Rosarito during the first ever international professional surfing competition on August 22nd and 23rd. This wave riding San Diego beach boy is originally from Poway and has been a part of seven different surfing teams throughout his career.

Eric McHenry takes it up a notch a ProAM Rosarito (Photo from Facebook via  Eric McHenry)

Eric McHenry takes it up a notch a ProAM Rosarito (Photo from Facebook)

McHenry was an early favorite to win the competition, and kept the theories true by handling the waves with a no-holds barred attitude. After beating out Jose Manuel Trujillo (MEX), Julio Quinones (MEX), and Sam Baugh (USA), McHenry walked away with not only a 3.31 point lead but also nice chunk of pocket change: $4000 for first-place.

“The progressive level of surfing, combined with the sick waves made for an exciting contest and I was really stoked to win”, said Eric McHenry. “A huge thanks to all involved in putting on the Rosarito ProAM, all the sponsors, the city, the hotel and all the locals who supported the event. This couldn’t have been done without their support.” McHenry’s Facebook page is filled with congratulatory messages from friends and fans.

The surfing competition held in Rosarito jumped through many hurdles in order to hold the competition this year. The competition was originally an Association of Surfing Professionals (A.S.P.) sanctioned event, but due to the low number of entries, the event was supposed to be pulled. However, the city of Rosarito and FDt Marketing, a local San Diego company, continued with the scheduled event.

It’s a good thing they went through with it. The event was a huge success. FDt Marketing and event organizers plan to work with the city of Rosarito in order to not only hold the event again next year, but to make it an annual event in Rosarito.  Even though most surf events do not usually pull as many spectators as there are surfers, the community of Rosarito gathered to watch and enjoy the skills performed by the worldwide surfers who showed up to compete.


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    September 16, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Edit this article. The phrase is ‘no holds barred’ and you spelled his name wrong halfway through the article.

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    Chuck Lehneis

    February 2, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    “McHenry was an early favorite to win the competition, and keep the theories true by …”

    Verb tense agreement error. First part of this sentence is presented in the simple past and the second part is not. Keep should be changed to kept. Who proof reads this stuff? Shouldn’t a surfer be covering surfing?


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