Lindsay Lohan’s New Prank Reality TV Show: The Anti-Social Network

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Lindsay Lohan, known for her role of the twins in Parent Trap and memorable part of Cady Heron in Mean Girls in the 2000s. However, her addictions and long string of nights out partying concluded in a downward spiral. The now 30-years-old Lohan, is committed to make a comeback and rise back to the top. Lohan announced she’s creating a new prank reality TV series titled, “The Anti-Social Network.”

Due to her love for social media and past experiences as the star of social media, Lohan’s new series revolves around Instagram, your Snapchat, your Facebook, and your Twitter. Lohan hi-jacks cell phones for 24-hours when her victims leave their cell-phones laying around. She then causes mayhem with the cell phone by posting on all of the social media platforms listed above. During the show, Lohan asserts three challenges for the chance for her contestants to win prizes. There is no word on what these mystery prizes entail thus far.

Back in 2003, Lohan was featured on Ashton Kutcher’s prank reality TV show on MTV called ‘Prank’s,’ on an episode titled “Limo Driver” where Lindsay gets caught up in her driver’s special delivery. This appearance on the show was Lohan’s inspiration and head start on the punk theme, which will hopefully prepare her for a successful future in reality television.

In the video teaser, Lohan starts by confidently stating, “I’m back bitches” in reference to her downward spiral and three years off the screen. It appears Lohan cleaned up and is on her way to turn a new leaf in regards to the Anti-Social Network. Unfortunately, there is no word on where the show will be aired or how it will be aired, but stay tuned for further news.

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