Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection

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If you are a glamour girl, and especially if you love pink, you might be a fan of the newest additions to Kylie Cosmetics. That being said, the girly-girl makeup was nearly double the price of last year’s gold-themed package. Not all Kylie customers are happy with the new cosmetics released even though they did sell out quick.

Kylie Cosmetics I Want It All Birthday Collection clearly marks her 20th Birthday celebration. In the collection you can find everything pretty in pink including the “I Want It All” birthday palette Kyshadows and the “Minis” lipsticks. Not only are most of the products pink and glittery, even the tools and bags are. Her Birthday Collection is clearly any girly girl’s dream.

Even if you are into all things glamorous, the price was much higher (nearly double) than last year’s collection, which came as disappointing to fans. The bundle of all products for the Birthday Collection is $325, but last year the bundle costed $125. Also, last year one lip kit costed $30, but this year the bedazzled lip kit the shade of Candy K is $60. Not to mention, the Candy K shade is not a new color.

Many loyal fans of Kylie Cosmetics took to social media to express their disappointment with the nearly doubled prices for all products. One fan said, “kylie I love you babygirl but you need to learn how to make your prices a little more reasonable, this is unacceptable.” To some, the prices of the newest additions to Kylie Cosmetics were too expensive.

If you are a fan of the newest additions to Kylie Cosmetics regardless of the higher price, but didn’t get the chance to purchase anything yet, have no fear. Fortunately, the full collection will be restocked on Friday, Aug. 4 at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m.

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