Kendra Wilkinson sex tape scandal – A new twist

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Kendra Wilkinson, who grew up here in San Diego, is known as one of Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends on Girls Next Door and as the star of E!’s popular show Kendra with hubby Hank Baskett. The well-known reality television star is now receiving even more publicity thanks to the revealing of a scandalous homemade video.

That’s right, our former girl next door also stars in her own sex tape. According to TMZ, the sex tape was shot in 2005 after Kendra had turned 18 (and long before she married NFL football player Hank Baskett). Her co-star in the sizzling tape is an old boyfriend named Justin. According to Radar Online, the two dated between their high school graduation in 2003 to the time she moved into Hugh’s Playboy Mansion.

And if you’re a big Kendra fan, just wait until next month! The sex tape is going to be released in June, and believe it or not, “Kendra herself is the one who wants to make money off it,” reports The Hollywood Gossip. Furthermore, Kendra’s family is fully supporting Kendra.

Who’s not fully supporting Kendra? Her husband, Hank Baskett. According to Life & Style, Kendra’s husband is “totally upset and embarrassed,” because Kendra formed a company trying to sell the video herself in 2008, when they were already engaged to be married. Baskett is also concerned about how his wife’s sex tape will affect his NFL career. A source from The Hollywood Gossip reveals that “the main reason he’s embarrassed is his team’s [possible] reaction.”

Kendra was born in San Diego and grew up in Clairemont, a community in central San Diego, where she attended Clairemont High School until 2003.

So if you really love the San Diego born reality TV star, be on the look out, because rumor has it that there’s more than one tape!

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