Johnny Cash’s home goes up for sale

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The “man in black” lives on in our hearts. His estate, however, perhaps hasn’t endured the same posthumous success as its initial owner. But good news, avid Johnny Cash fans, his estate may be up for grabs. And what seems almost too good to be true: it could come at an affordable price.

What remains of Johnny Cash’s home is officially up for sale after the current seller, James Gresham,  stated that the one-bedroom apartment would only be up for grabs by a loyal fan without specifying a base price point, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“There is nothing you can use as a comp,” Gresham said. “We’re going to see what the market is and go from there.”

Cash, who died of complications from diabetes in 2003, encountered exacerbated symptoms after the death of June Cash—his wife. In 2005, his home was put up for sale and eventually sold in January of 2006; however, a spontaneous fire destroyed the home after property workers accidentally used an incorrect oil product during their attempts to maintain the estate.

In the aftermath, only the foundation was left intact. Eventually, Gresham bought the estate from singer and songwriter Barry Gibb for $2 million. The British musician was a co-founder of one of the more successful bands in recent history, Bee Gees—a disco rock band that was formed in 1958.

The future and past of the home is nebulous at best, with different plans and intentions all either ending in obscurity or without any closure. In fact, Gibbs’s initial intention for the home was to restore it to its former quality before ending in the aforementioned catastrophe. Sequentially, in incidental fashion, Gresham attempted to use the residence to assist patients with eating disorders, which was inevitably met with conflict and resistance from the community.

It remains to be seen of who will become the sole owner of the property, but rest assured, it will be in the hands of a well-intentioned acolyte of perhaps one of the greatest musicians in the 20th century.

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