iPod Shuffles and Nanos no More

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And just like that, all of your childhood memories with your iPod Nano or Shuffle attached to your hand are history. Just three years ago, Apple discontinued to the classic iPod, so it seemed like the necessary move to make, but that still leaves us semi heartbroken.

Earlier today, Apple confirmed with TechCrunch that these classic MP3 players were officially taken down from the website; that means that the iPod touch is the last man (with an iPod name) standing. Even this classic model will bite the dust one day and they will only be a memory.

There is some good news from Apple today Рsince the removal of the iPod Nanos and Shuffles earlier today, Apple has doubled the capacities to 64GB at $199 and 128GB at $299 today, which is a discounted rate. In fact, Apple used to sell 6GB and 64GB models for the exact same prices.

Currently, when you search for the Nano and Shuffle models on the web, you will still see them. When you search for one, it concludes to “buy” or “learn more” links, but you won’t be able to do either because the URLs are not available. If you’re still trying to purchase one while they last, there is a minimal selection available at certain retailers like Best Buy and they will be sold until they go out of stock.

With the iPhone invasion that has caused our world to change, Apple’s removal of the Nano and Shuffle was truly inevitable. In fact, Apple has been trying to discontinue them for a while now, and they are now trying to push for Apple music in their place.

It’s been 12 years since these models came about, so we’re going to call the lifetime a success. The legacies of the iPod Nano and Shuffle will live on in our memories.

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