Hurricane Harvey Updates

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What was allegedly just a tropical storm, formed into a hurricane on Thursday in Texas. The now-titled, Hurricane Harvey, is now expected to lead to life-threatening results according to meteorologists. The hurricane is expected to conclude in a large amount of flooding on the coast of Texas.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm started building on the Gulf of Mexico with close to 60 mile-per-hour winds early on Thursday. A hurricane warning was put into effect from Port Mansfield in southern Texas, all the way to Matagorda. It is likely a category 3 hurricane, potentially making the hurricane the USA’s strongest in 12 years.

The hurricane is not anywhere near done and is expected to pound the area for three to five more days. The hurricane could dump two more feet of rain in these next few days.

Gov. John Bel Edwards emphasized the impact of the hurricane, and potential for more danger. “It is getting more and more serious as time goes by,” Mr. Edwards said in a news conference. The movement of the hurricane was expected to slow down while over land, meaning it could drop more rain. “This is going to play out over the next week or so.”

Hurricane Harvey also has the potential of spreading to New Orleans, a city that is still recovering from past floods. New Orleans recently endured a severe storm that made power systems strike failure. As of now, the city is expecting close to 10 inches of rainfall and possible flooding to start on Saturday and end in the middle of next week.

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