House of Blues to host Thanksgiving dinner for homeless

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Some holidays are best celebrated by bestowing gifts on others; others are perhaps best spent by giving generous offerings to others. This year, House of Blues will be doing just that.

Since 1992, House of Blues nationwide have opened their doors to provide a warm, family-style Thanksgiving meal to those without the means. They will be hosting events in different locations across the United States this year, including San Diego. The venue has served an average of 400 people in the Music Hall on 6th Avenue and hope to expand their offerings to more people in need this year.

For those in San Diego, this year’s charity event has something a little different planned than in the past. The large rock and roll themed chain will be hosting a free Thanksgiving dinner for those in need along with music accompaniment by Mission Bay High School’s Jazz Band. In addition, this year’s Feed the Souls will be having the YWCA, Pathways and Feeding San Diego at the event, which starts at 10:00 and 11:30 a.m.

The YWCA has attempted to stifle acts of domestic violence and homelessness by including programs that include safe housing and a 24-hour domestic violence hotline, according to their website. Through these programs, they have been able to serve over 8,400 individuals on an annual basis. But their hospitality doesn’t stop there. Their most distinguished programs include Passages, which offers single homeless women the opportunity to take advantage of transportation, employment assistance and counseling services. And what’s perhaps even more exigent in nature: they are one of the only non-profit homeless programs in San Diego county that houses homeless families together.

The Feed the Souls charity event will be taking place on Thanksgiving day.

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