Gwyneth Paltrow Named “Most Beautiful Woman”

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Gwyneth Paltrow was named the World’s Most Beautiful Woman on U.S.’s People magazine. Some controversy has been surrounding this decision, and she has received much bashing on Twitter. The super-fit 40-year-old starlet beat actresses Jennifer Lawrence 22 and Amanda Seyfried 27 for the title, and there are many who disagree. Regardless of the negative commentary about this decision, People magazine maintains that Paltrow’s look is timeless. Gwyneth Paltrow, via WikiCommons courtesy of Andrea Raffin

Needless to say, Paltrow’s immaculate looks are influenced greatly by her strict exercise regime. Paltrow works out with her fitness trainer and friend Tracy Anderson five times a week.  The actress is also notoriously known for her healthy eating habits, as is evident in the book she authored, entitled “It’s All Good.”

Diet and fitness are definitely two factors that play into Paltrow’s good looks, but Paltrow doesn’t seem to take her looks too seriously. She recently commented to the Associated Press, “It’s funny, these things, because it’s like obviously not true. But it’s very sweet to be named that. Because I mean you can’t say that, you know! But it’s been wonderful. It’s been very wonderful. And as my friend said, it’s so nice that someone who has kids and is a mom and is not like 21 is named that. It’s really an honor.”

And as a testament to Paltrow’s beauty and great fashion sense, the actress showed off her sculpted figure in the Iron Man 3 premiere in Los Angeles wearing a daring Antonio Berardi gown. The dress, seemingly conservative in the front, had sheer panels on the sides that were entirely revealing.  The actress looked stunning, and wore the dress with elegance. She commented, “I just thought it was really beautiful and it sort of has a superhero thing happening.”

It seems like this is going to be a good year for the Oscar-winning star, who is looking more beautiful than ever.


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