Man in Gumby Costume Robs San Diego 7-11

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Yes, that’s right: Gumby tried to rob a 7-11.  Reports from the San Diego Police department say that the robbery took place on Monday, Sept. 7 at 12:30 p.m at a Rancho Penasquitos 7-11. when a man in a Gumby costume approached the clerk and demanded money.

The crime was caught on video surveillance and can be seen here:


Reports say that the clerk thought it was a joke, and didn’t initially report the crime until hours later. In the video you can see the Gumby-man come into the store with an accomplice. He approached the clerk and proceeded to reach into his pockets for what could have been a weapon, although a weapon was never seen. After fumbling around for several minutes and dropping change on the floor, the man in the costume gave up and walked off.

This isn’t the first foiled robbery attempt in San Diego. The website reports the following crimes:

June 2011 – Reports say that a man wearing a flowered shirt and “lots of lip gloss” tried (and failed) to rob a bank.

March 2011 – A man who robbed a Jack in the Box at gunpoint was arrested when he returned to the same store for lunch the next day.

February 2010 – A man attempting to rob an elderly man called the police after a bystander punched him in the face while to try and stop him. The cops put the story together and arrested the robber for assault and elderly abuse.

This is also not the first robbery attempt in a funny costume. ClumsyCrooks also reports:

Michigan – A man in a batman costume was arrested after he was found dangling from a rope on the roof. He was charged with trespassing and weapons possession.

New York – A teenager’s bike was stolen by two people in a gorilla costume and one in a chicken outfit.

Washington – A man wearing a banana costume was arrested after flashing himself to restaurant patrons and waving a gun in the air.

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