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Facebook News: At 10:23am, Philip Su, a Software Engineer at Facebook, released today on the Facebook Blog, three exciting announcements for Facebook users and lovers that will unfold in the next few weeks.

Facebook Announcement about Skype Feature:

  1. The new chat design will allow you to see the people you message most with an adjustable sidebar to fit the size of your screen.
  2. Now you have the ability to host a multi-friend chat by simply “Add Friend” to chat.  If they are not online at the time, they will see the message trail when they do log in.
  3. Lastly (but not least-ly), Skype and Facebook are coming together to offer video chatting to every Facebook user.  Facebook will offer this new app in over 70 languages.  Video calling will be the standard for every user in the upcoming weeks, but if you want it now, click here.

So, check this out. Facebook has surpassed 750 million users and Skype has a reported 663 million registered users.  With Facebook and Skype working together to provide this new video chat platform, Facebook may soon become the world’s largest phone network.

Computerworld quoted Zuckerberg at a press conference in Palo Alto, CA this afternoon saying, “The video calling is so great and it’s so easy. Your least-technical friend is going to be able to get online with video chat and get connected. You’ll connect with your friends on the social network that already has all your friends.”

View Facebook’s video revealing their new chat capabilities as they team up with Skype below.

Facebook’s novel video intro has been “liked” by 495 people so far and commented on 127 times.  One Facebook user commented, “Why is nobody crying in this video???… Please, will somebody cry????”

Watch for yourself and see if this new feature makes you want to laugh or cry:

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