Facebook launches Workplace

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The jig is up. Facebook knows that you log in during work hours at some point or another. The Facebook execs decided to target you slackers and launched ‘Workplace’ which is a business version on Facebook.

Workplace will help you focus on your work as opposed to looking through your aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s prom pictures throughout the day.

Workplace is essentially a communications tool designed for businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations. The platforms main goal is to unite those within the workplace and create a community among co-workers.

Businesses can sign up and pay a monthly fee for each user, and will allow for more of a free flowing type of communication within the office. It is a great way to unite those who are desk bound, on the go, or even those who work within the food or retail industries.

Like Facebook, the platform will allow you to group chat, video call, and view live feeds of your co-workers status updates throughout the day. Essentially Workplace is a tightknit Facebook which consists only fellow employees.

As opposed to occasionally scrolling through your Facebook, the company wants you to scroll through the updates, trends, and groups solely in your company. This will allow users to be more connected with fellow teammates, and stay on task throughout the day.

Of course, your higher ups and coworkers can always reach you through text or email, but Workplace allows for groups collaborative chats, and alerts so that you are always up-to speed at work.

The new Facebook platform is ad-free but will require a fee of $1 to $3 based on how many users your company will have. Facebook foresees Workplace growing many businesses nationwide, and states that many companies are already utilizing its tools and assets.

While the tool sounds more convenient for large businesses with hundreds of employees, it will be interesting to see if Workplace expands as fast as Facebook initially did. Would you use Workplace?

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