Drake Retaliates At Meek Mill With Song “Charged Up”

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Drake vs Meek Mill — who will win the recent battle that they have gotten themselves into? Well, one thing is for sure, when it’s a case of super star power vs. the incredible but less powerful star, the super star will come out on top.

Meek Mill has been running around saying that Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics for his songs, including the verse that Drake did for Meek Mill’s track entitled “R.I.C.O.”

Drake was less than pleased to hear what Meek Mill had been saying about him so he responded with a new track called “Charged up.” In Drake’s new tack, he compares himself to an I-Phone that is fully charged and compares Meek Mill to an I-Phone battery that is about to die.

And of course it wouldn’t be a celebrity rap battle without other celebrities and rappers getting involved. Most notably, Funkmaster Flex, Hot 97 DJ, very openly announced that he agrees with Meek Mill, saying that he believes that Drake’s ghostwriter is Quentin Miller. He went on to say that Meek Mill will be on his show to respond Drake. That has yet to happen.

Underneath it all, one has to wonder if this whole this is really just about a girl. Drake fans know that he has been writing love verses about Nicki Minaj for quite some time now. One of the more noticeable lyrics about her being in Minaj’s song “Only” where Drake talks about not being with Nicki because she’s got a man. He sings, “but when that’s over I’m first in line,” and saying things about her like “I been peeped that you like me, you know Who the **** you really wanna be with besides me?”

Either way you want to look at it, Drake has too much star power for Meek Mill to handle. Drake will still be loved, even if Meek wants to cry ghostwriter until he is blue in the face.

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