DeMario Jackson’s Input on Bachelor in Paradise Scandal

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On Monday evening, DeMario Jackson gave his input regarding the scandal that took place on The Bachelor in Paradise with co-star Corrine Olympios. During his two part interview with E!News, DeMario discussed the graphic details that played out and claimed that Corrine was the initial “aggressor.”

If you don’t already know the story, Warner Bros cancelled filming BIP because it was unclear if Corrine was able to give consent during a sexual encounter with DeMario on the first day of screening. After filing for misconduct and going through with the lawsuit, no proof was provided and filming has now continued. However, both Corrine and Olympios seem to have hard feelings regarding the situation and how it turned out.

Jackson started out the interview with E! clearly upset, attempting to hold back tears. He felt disappointed in the fact that his Mom and Grandmother also had to go through this. It was mostly stressful for me and for my mother,” he said. “It’s hard to see your Mom cry everyday. And my Grandmother. And my aunts.”

Later on in the interview, he expressed his disgust with the news he read about himself. He claimed, “I felt like the the human race failed the hell out of me,” while speaking out about the gossip.

As he began to speak out about his first encounter with Corrine, he noted that he was worried about going on the show considering he was known as a villain on The current Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay. He also claimed that his first conversation with Corrine included bonding over the fact that they were both villains. He said, “We can dominate paradise together.”

DeMario finished off the interview by discussing the graphic details of their sexual encounter and he didn’t hold back one bit, to say the least. Watch the video below for the full interview:

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