All My Children: Cancelled?

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Many “All My Children” fans have been agonizing over that same question over the past few days since a rumor had spread saying that ABC was contemplating its cancellation. There were some hardcore viewers, including those who have watched it for over 25 years, who were outraged over the alleged cancellation.

According to the Popeater site, while there were fans that have expressed their disappointment, some have admitted that they were not shocked by what they have heard. One fan on the site, Amy Bragg, was quoted as saying, “I have watched AMC for many years too, but somehow it doesn’t surprise me. The story lines have not been exciting lately and they haven’t been listening to their fans. I would much rather see them rev up the show with some exciting new story-lines and characters than to cancel the show.” Ratings for the All My Children have slid down from 3.4 during its 2000 season to 2.0 for its 2009 season since ABC had decided to move the filming of the show from New York to Los Angeles to cut production costs.

The show is an American television soap opera that is set in the a fictionist suburb of Pennsylvania called Pine Valley and has been long running since 1970.  Actress Susan Lucci has been on the show since its launch on January 5,1970 and remains to be the only original cast member. Her role of Erica Kane is one of the most admired characters of the daytime shows. She was continuously nominated for an Emmy for the show almost 18 times since 1978, until she achieved success in 1999.

Fans can now though relax and breathe as ABC announced today that there will be no cancellation to the show. A rep for them denied the false claims laid upon them of the show’s future. The representative told PEOPLE magazine that no changes will be made for the daytime scheduling of All My Children. He explained that the recent online rumor was just a story in a long list of stories made for the same topic. So All My Children will not be sent to the hangman’s noose nor will Susan Lucci be cast aside and forgotten.


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