All My Children: Cancelled?

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Many “All My Children” fans have been agonizing over that same question over the past few days since a rumor had spread saying that ABC was contemplating its cancellation. There were some hardcore viewers, including those who have watched it for over 25 years, who were outraged over the alleged cancellation.

According to the Popeater site, while there were fans that have expressed their disappointment, some have admitted that they were not shocked by what they have heard. One fan on the site, Amy Bragg, was quoted as saying, “I have watched AMC for many years too, but somehow it doesn’t surprise me. The story lines have not been exciting lately and they haven’t been listening to their fans. I would much rather see them rev up the show with some exciting new story-lines and characters than to cancel the show.” Ratings for the All My Children have slid down from 3.4 during its 2000 season to 2.0 for its 2009 season since ABC had decided to move the filming of the show from New York to Los Angeles to cut production costs.

The show is an American television soap opera that is set in the a fictionist suburb of Pennsylvania called Pine Valley and has been long running since 1970.  Actress Susan Lucci has been on the show since its launch on January 5,1970 and remains to be the only original cast member. Her role of Erica Kane is one of the most admired characters of the daytime shows. She was continuously nominated for an Emmy for the show almost 18 times since 1978, until she achieved success in 1999.

Fans can now though relax and breathe as ABC announced today that there will be no cancellation to the show. A rep for them denied the false claims laid upon them of the show’s future. The representative told PEOPLE magazine that no changes will be made for the daytime scheduling of All My Children. He explained that the recent online rumor was just a story in a long list of stories made for the same topic. So All My Children will not be sent to the hangman’s noose nor will Susan Lucci be cast aside and forgotten.


  1. Kitty Jo Brown

    March 23, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    Soaps aren’t really dying…they just have to get better or they will die. Look at these figures for the top ten online viewed tv programs for jan. 2011. #2 and #8 are daytime soap operas. Doesn’t look like these shows are dying just yet.

    Top 10 Programs – Total Streams (January ’11)
    Program Net Total Streams
    No. 1 The Bachelor ABC 18.3 million
    No. 2 Young and the Restless CBS 13.1 million
    No. 3 Grey’s Anatomy ABC 11.2 million
    No. 4 Modern Family ABC 9.0 million
    No. 5 Desperate Housewives ABC 8.6 million
    No. 6 NCIS CBS 7.5 million
    No. 7 Hawaii Five-0 CBS 6.1 million
    No. 8T Saturday Night Live NBC 6.0 million
    No. 8T Days of Our Lives NBC 6.0 million
    No. 10 How I Met Your Mother CBS 5.2 million

    Read more: Ratings – is the No. 1 Online Broadcast Site for January 2011 |

  2. shelly

    March 24, 2011 at 1:51 am

    I have watched All My Children for many years and as much as I would truely feel a loss if it were canceled, for the first time, since I started watching in the mid-seventies, I find myself stopping to say “you’ve got to be kidding”. Soap opera’s are known for being a little out there with the story lines, but there was also a believeability about them.

    Generally, little things no longer make sense. It is those tiny details that count the most as you can, or can not add them up, like a liar whose yes and no head movements don’t match his words. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but something is definately wrong. Why did Ema start turning to Madison rather then Greenlie (this was happening pre-kidnapping), And the pastor just happened to see a folded letter in Kendalls purse? It was jokeable the day he hid the missing page of the letter and they hunted for it in the living room. These are only a couple things out of many that have made me stand back and say “WHAT?”. I do not want to belabor this whole thing. But — my suggestion would be that instead of sending characters off to the abyss, why not try a more believeable story line with matching parts?

  3. Monica

    March 24, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    I think it would be a huge loss if they were to cancel all my children.. I have been watching this since i was a little girl with my mother, my daughter now watches it with me, we actually have our dvr box set to record every episode, and we watch them together routinely. It’s the most watched show on our tv. I love the actors/actresses, and regardless of the slow story lines, or repeated situations of bringing them back after they die, that’s the catch to it, it makes us want more, and continues to keep viewers in suspense of it happening again. yes losing some of the great cast have been a huge cost, especially adam chandler and zack slater. I’d like to see Zack appear again, and they plot could be faking his death to throw off the partners that “killed” him. think about it, this soap keeps you wanting more, but isn’t that what shows are intended to do? Talk shows, are the same stuff over and over, and it doesn’t keep me wanting to do anything more than changing the channel. 🙂 Thx ABC!!!

  4. Anonymous

    April 10, 2011 at 10:45 am

    I am a fan of all my children, but my personal favorite is one life to live, and my second genral hospital. I’ve felt as though recently that all my children has been going downhill, as they dont have many good storylines anymore. I hope all my children can make it through it’s rough patch, but I feel that if ABC has to cancel one of thesse three soaps, all my children is there best choice.

  5. TV HELL

    May 11, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    The viewers have fallen in the rating since introduce of cell phones and computers. Treating people whom stay as a enemy is just crazy!
    Running us off, Really! is that what you want?
    Makes me wonder if Networks bought stock in the internet.
    Networks are you mad about all the new technology?
    You think the best plan you could come up with was to canceling shows along with your Viewers?
    Networks you can’t hiding your heads in the sand hoping technology just go away.
    The only thing your making go away is you Viewers.
    Really? Don’t you think its time to put new technology toward helping with a new rating system and Advertizing better?.
    By now, you should know Cancel,cancel, cancel, has not, fixed Networks RATING SYSTEM!
    All those cancellation is not bring in anymore viewer to the Networks .
    Such Idiocracy going on at the Networks. Making us dis-trust the Networks!
    Need to hire a PR man to Re-Build Networks Repetition.
    Guy’s you know, this is not how you should be running a business.
    If Networks don’t have any better! idea?
    Networks should do like the websites and put a quick add into shows that cannot be skipped over. Where the Viewer is forced to watch, And add a Network banner. TV websites should also be able to track the data and transmit to the networks. At least then all Viewers are counted
    It is time to go back to the drawing broad.
    Advertiser, Networks, Series Writers get aboard.
    Think inside and outside of the Box’s.
    Fight back-Torrent site,to Outfox
    Brilliant writers can work with a major advertiser.
    Making advertising part of the show.
    Gaining helpful insight on how popularity of shows instead all that nausea.
    Banners could reflect station being improve,
    Everyone is accurately counted at ABC,NBC,CBS and FOX approve.
    Slow down on cancellations.
    Give show longer incubation.
    Get shows off onto DVD so they can get them steam into homes,
    Where the Advertiser and Networks get more income!
    Once a show goes out onto DVD’S gain popularity and value,
    And more accurate how often is view.
    Everyone get their advertising in. Wins! Win!
    Some Device that may Gathering and Calculate Data Steam it right to the Networks from Cable and Dish etc.? With all the new technology that is available I sure they could find away to created a more of accurate device.
    Its better idea then cancel show after show.
    I’m not fore sure why their not already doing something like that?

    Any of these is better than attacking your Viewers.
    Treating the Viewer as their time they had invested to in these shows does matter to the Networks.
    @ pam I agree Television networks are relying on an antiquated ratings system to tell them what shows are being watched and by what age group. This then is all taken into account for The Nielsen ratings boxes are in approximately 25,000 homes, while in 2009 the number of television homes in the US was 114,500,000, so the Nielsen statistics only represent .01283% of the homes (wiki). How does this seem like a fair representation for networks to base decisions off of?
    Is that the way you want to be remember as Dumb, greedy and selfish.
    I Don’t like to have to fight with the Networks.
    I like the time I spend in my world of TELEVISION not on the net.

  6. Carol S

    June 22, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    Ok, if it’s not being canceled why did the anounce that it was on the Day Time Emmy Awards show????

    This is bunk! Read what is on
    About the Day Time Emmys

    “The cancellation of the two ABC soaps remained an ongoing theme. All My Children co-star Debbi Morgan used her time on stage to tell her fans “you will be forever missed” while Young and the Restless head writer Maria Bell implored soap fans to keep watching. “This is one of the most amazing art forms in America. Don’t give up.” And Lucci, who presented the outstanding actress award, said daytime ”is alive and well. Look at all the talent in this building tonight. We got fans on fire, thank you so much for being there for all of us.””

    This is no rumor, the idiots at ABC are really doing this.

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