Biggio, Martinez, Johnson and Smoltz All In The Hall Of Fame

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Cooperstown, N.Y., home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and now home for the legacies of four new Hall of Famers. Three pitchers, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson and John Smoltz, and one non-pitcher, Craig Biggio, were added to the Hall of Fame. These four players are well deserving of their new titles of Hall of Famers, lets take a look at their career numbers.

The Big Unit, Randy Johnson 

Randy Johnson pitchingRandy Johnson will go down as one of the most dominant southpaws ever to play the game. Johnson had a career 3.29 ERA, 303 wins opposed to 166 losses and racked up 4,375 strikeouts in his years as a pitcher. He is also a part of a very small percentage of pitchers to throw a Perfect Game, he won the Cy Young Award five times (four times in a row), just to name some of his achievements.

Pedro_Martínez_2008Pedro Martinez 

The Dominican right-hander won the Cy Young Award three times and was the 1999 All-Star Game MVP Award.

During his time playing in the MLB, Martinez had a lifetime 2.93 ERA, had 3154 strikeouts and won 219 games, only losing 100.

3RD_John_SmoltzJohn Smoltz 

John Smoltz was one of the pitches who was just as good of a relief pitcher as he was a starter. He was one of the rare pitchers to have a 20-Win Season as well as a 50- save season. In his career Smoltz had a lifetime 3.33 ERA, 213 wins with 155 losses and 3084 strikeouts.

Craig Biggio 

1280px-Craig_BiggioKnow as one of the Houston Astros’ Killer-Bees Craig Biggio was also inducted to the Hall of Fame, Sunday. In Biggio’s time in the Major Leagues he hit 291 homers, 1175 RBI’s, played in 2850 games and had a career batting average of .281.

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