Betty White to Budweiser – Superbowl Commercial Highlights

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Betty White CommercialIn the post-Superbowl buzz, fans are probably discussing the impressive Saints interception or their emergence as the fair champions, but still more chatter of another topic: the Superbowl commercials.

Whether you watched the game enthusiastically rooting for the victory of your team, or were just joining some friends for munchies, one thing is clear: the commercials earn the attention of everyone. If you are anything like me, the Superbowl is probably one of the few times a year you watch football, let alone watch TV. My anticipation for the big game honestly just isn’t all that high. But one thing that draws me back year after year is the commercials; what’s good, what’s not, what’s funny, or just plain weird. Of the 60 commercials that aired (at $2-3 million per 30 seconds of airtime), here are just a few of the highlights- but don’t take my word for it, watch them and decide for yourself.

Snickers: Betty White

In five words: Why we love Betty White. Named as the most popular commercial of the night by the USA Today survey, I can see why the Golden Girl-turned-football player would capture some laughs. After watching this, I may never look at a Snickers bar the same way again.

Budweiser: Fences

Another Superbowl, another Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. Throw in some cute baby farm animals, and I’m sold. Fences don’t come in between friends- a simple lesson applicable, of all things, to beer.

Audi: Green Police

I give props to this hilarious commercial in bringing attention to the smallest things I do each day that are environmentally harmful. Someone has to do it. I think Audi is on to something we should consider adopting: the Green Police. Although in all its catchiness (check out the song), I still don’t know if buying an Audi will solve the woes of my wastefulness.

Leno, Oprah, and Letterman’s Ad for the Late Show with David Letterman

Awkward and random are the words that came to mind when I saw this one pop up during the commercial break. I find it humorous that these unlikely rivals would overcome their differences for the sake of David Letterman’s talk show.

Google: Parisian Love

This one is my personal favorite. Advertising the Google search engine, its very clear and simple, yet it still manages to melt my heart. I found it to be refreshing amidst all the testosterone-charged ads that seemed to be the dominating theme of the night.

Without a doubt, yesterday’s Superbowl commercials fulfilled the entertainment quota, both good and bad. Denny’s now brings to mind a screaming woman-turned-chicken. Megan Fox is just asking for it. And I ask myself, does Joe Montana really wear Skechers Shape-Ups? I’ll leave you with these questions, but I’ve only scratched the surface. Watch the rest and vote for your favorite on Adweek.

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