Best Black Friday deals that you can’t miss

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Do you feel those ground tremors? No, we’re not talking about any reported or upcoming earthquakes.

At least not in the sense of naturally attributed phenomena.

On November 25, get ready to don your battle armor because the massive migration to outlet malls and stores known as Black Friday will be in full-swing. However, if you choose to partake in this daring but profitable endeavor, then we have just the list for you.

Here are some of the top items that will be seeing a sizable chunk of savings for the universal holiday.

Xbox One S 500GB Bundle

Where: Target

Original Price: $299.99

New Price: $249.99

What: While Microsoft’s flagship console has lagged behind in sales with comparison to its top competitor, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One’s sales have recently seen a surge in revenue thanks to its backwards compatibility with prior titles from the past. The Xbox One S offers gamers increased power and memory from the original model as well.

Fitbit Charge HR

Where: Target

Original Price: $129.95

New Price: $89.95

What: If you are looking to work off all of those accrued calories after Thanksgiving and have some extra money to spend, then the Fitbit Charge may be the best product for you. In addition to monitoring your heart rate, the device can track how many steps you take, elevation changes, and add dieting recommendations every day.

Samsung 50″ LED Smart HDTV

Where: Best Buy

Original price: $549.99

New price: $299.99

What: Yes, the 50 inches might seem a little bit over the top for some, but when you could save nearly half of the original price upon a Black Friday purchase, you have to at least give this product a consideration. It’s the perfect gift for inviting friends over for the upcoming Super Bowl or a movie night with the family at an affordable price.

Samsung or LG French Door Refrigerator  

Where: Home Depot

Original price: $1,899

New price: $998

What: Moving into a new place? Then these stainless steel refrigerators are a great way to show-off your new pad. And best of all, you’ll be saving almost 50% on the original price as well. The choices are spacious as well with a height of about six feet and width of approximately three feet—making it a great fit for families.

Karen Scott Holiday Sweaters

Where: Macy’s

Original price: $49.50 – $54.50

New price: $36.99 – $49.50

What: Feeling festive this holiday season? Or a little chilly? If both, then these sweaters offer the perfect mix of vibrant Christmas messages that are sure to get you and your friends excited to close out 2016.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Brooklyn Medium Saddle Bag

Where: Macy’s

Original price: $398.00

New price: $298.50

What: It’s hard to go about living after seeing one of your friends showing off their newest designer purses. But fear not, because now is the right time to get in on the fun. This sleek designed handbag features Venus style leather along with a tassle and 24 inch adjustable strap.

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