Band stops traffic on 101 Freeway to plug song

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Want more attention? If so, do what a band did Tuesday morning. That’s unless you have an aversion to getting arrested.

The rap group Imperial Stars spontaneously blocked the highly trafficked 101 Freeway in Hollywood with a large tour bus, and performed a song entitled, “Traffic Jam 101.”

The band did not get permission from the city to do this:

According to reports, the concert backed traffic for an indiscernible number of miles as band members sang and played instruments atop their bus.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the California Highway Patrol arrested the three musicians, but the driver of the large vehicle took the keys and fled in separate automobile.

The act occurred Tuesday morning, sometime around 10:30 a.m. The truck wasn’t towed until noon.

The band said they were plugging their new song, and that the proceeds derived from it would go to homeless children according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Orange County based Imperial Stars have a website. This is what their mission statement reads:

“The Imperial Stars are committed to benefiting the displaced children of America through the voice of music. Charitable focused movements in addition to professional sound quality fit for all demographics; vision of mainstream success is directed back into the community voluntarily. Progression is a standard with our audio production, collective marketing strategies and overall business approach, therefore building relationships and doing well by them is the priority at Imperial One Entertainment.”

Here is their music video for the song they were promoting on the freeway:


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