After taking cover from twister, San Diego Mystic softball team raises funds, plays in tournament

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mystic3The San Diego Mystic 00 12u girl’s softball team held a practice at their field at 3897 Mt Acadia Ave, in San Diego last Tuesday. They then flew to Oklahoma on Thursday, May 30. They were one of only two teams from California entered in the Triple Crown National tournament in Oklahoma City. The tournament is played each year during the NCAA College Softball World Series. Then the twister hit.

Their journey had started as an exciting trip to a national tournament, but changed to become a mission of mercy, and then a trial of survival for the team, their coaches and parents. The tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City, reduced homes and other buildings to rubble. It also took the life of a softball player from Moore, nine-year-old Sydney Angle.

The team dedicated their trip, their game, and all funds they could raise to Sydney and her family. The Angle’s house was destroyed by the severe storm. Before being able to practice on Friday, the team experienced the weather first-hand when the entire team was forced to huddle on the floor of one hotel bathroom, with their helmets on for protection, for two hours, as another tornado raged in the skies above them.

While the new twister took the lives of nine more in the area, its winds bypassed the hotel where the team was sheltered together. After that, it was back to softball.mystic2

Their tournament started on Sunday, when the team lost to the Oklahoma Exclusive 8-0. They bounced back strongly, beating the Wichita Fire 11-0 in their second game on Sunday, they narrowly falling 2-1 in a squeaker to the Rip City Rage. On Monday, June 3, the Mystic beat the Fort Worth Batbusters 9-0, then beat the Mississippi Glory 8-0. This set up a re-match with the Rip City Rage for the championship of the 12 and under “A” Home Run Division, which the Mystic won 6-0. Well done, Mystic!

The team members were already big winners to the fans in Oklahoma, as they raised $2,000 to give to the family of Sydney Angle. The Mystic plans to return home to San Diego on Tuesday, June 3.

Editors Note: This story has been changed to reflect the accurate scores of Monday’s game.


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