Adele Visits Grenfell Tower Firefighters

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We didn’t think it was possible to love Adele more, until she met with the heroic Grenfell tower firefighters for, what she called, a “tea and cuddle.” Considering London is Adele’s hometown and she is prideful of her roots, she visited the Grenfell Tower City firefighters to specifically thank them for their work in doing everything in their power to save those affected by the Grenfell Tower blaze.

Rob Petty, one fireman who had the pleasure of meeting Adele, posted a picture with the gentle souled celebrity. He captioned the picture with, “Not everyday the wonderfully grounded and caring Adele pops into Chelsea Firestation for a cup of tea and a cuddle. X.” Therefore, we can suspect that this visit was also unplanned and simply out of the goodness of Adele’s heart.

Apparently, Adele opened the door with her sunglasses on in an incognito fashion. She took them off and nonchalantly said, “Hi, I’m Adele.” She even brought the fire station some cakes to share. She also joined the firefighters for the minute of silence for those affected by the fire.

Furthermore, this is not the first time Adele has been seen supporting those affected by the London attacks and fire. In fact, Adele was recently spotted comforting locals at a vigil for the victims a day after the inferno took place. 79 people are now presumed missing or dead from the fire and our hearts go out to the family members who were lost or involved.

The London Fire Brigade was thankful for Adele’s sincerity and genuineness. They tweeted, “Adele enjoyed a cup of tea with Chelsea firefighters yesterday and thanked them for their work. We are so humbled by everyone’s support.”

The heroic firefighters deserve all the praise they have received considering how many lives they saved and how much they risked so that others could survive. We are thankful for the London Fire Brigade and are happy Adele was able to personally thank them amidst all of her responsibilities.

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