Actor Omar Sharif Has Passed Away

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Former Golden Globe award winner Omar Sharif has passed away at the age of 83 at a hospital in Cairo after suffering a heart attack on Friday. Sharif was most known for his role as Doctor Zhivago in the 1966 film and for his work in the film”Lawrence of Arabia.”

Sharif was born on April 10, 1932 in Alexandria, Egypt. Growing up, Sharif studied at Victoria College where he showed promise in the study of languages. He would go on to  graduate from the University of Cairo with a degree in mathematics and physics. Following graduation, Sharif went to work for his father while he studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

In 1953 Sharif’s acting career had begun. He starred in many Egyptian films spanning from 1953 to 1961 including roles with romantic leads co-starring this wife, Egyptian actress, Faten Hamama.

In 1962, Sharif broke through into Hollywood with his first English-Language role as Sharif Ali in the legendary film “Lawrence of Arabia”. Sharif would earn an Oscars nomination for this role but did not win. Though he did not win the Oscar for “Lawrence of Arabia” he wold go on to win his fair share of awards.


1963 – Golden Globe – Best Supporting Actor – Lawrence of Arabia

1966 – Golden Globe – Best Motion Picture Actor – Drama – Doctor Zhivago

1969 – Bambi Award – Best Actor – International – C’era Una Volta

2003 – Audience Award, Career Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival

2003 – Capri Award Legend

2004 – Cesar Award, France

2004 – Lifetime Achievement Award – Dubai International Film Festival.


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