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Photo from Elliott P. via Flickr.

Photo from Elliott P. via Flickr.

In between practices, stretches, pep talks, and medals at the Olympics, the 2010 Winter Olympians are also keeping their fans and followers updated on Twitter. Our favorite athletes are tweeting about everything- from eating McDonald’s to preparing for their big races, and even a request for some Ke$ha!

Evan Bates and his ice skating partner Emily Samuelson placed 11th in the Figure Skating Championship, not a bad 21st birthday present.

Evan Bates
It’s my 21st birthday and I’m at the 21st Winter Olympics. Sounds like the perfect time to utilize the free McDonalds in the cafeteria.

Aside from Dancing With the Stars, Louie Vito placed 5th in his first snowboarding Olympic event. Seems like his fancy footwork from dancing also pays off on the slopes.

Louie Vito
Since @btoddrichards won’t come out, I’m havin @elenahight request some Ke$ha in honor of him!

American short track speed skater Apolo Ohno has got some hefty medals around his neck, scoring two gold, two silver, and three bronze medals in the 2010 Winter Games. How does he prepare himself to perform so well?

Apolo Ohno
Meditation, mental prep. Steam room. 4:51 PM Feb 16th via web

San Diego’s own Olympic ice skater Rachael Flatt makes us all feel like proud parents, seeing her start at UTC and making her way to the top in Vancouver for the Winter Games 2010. Rachael’s performance was amazing Tuesday, scoring her an impressive 64.64, which puts her in 5th place as she enters into Thursday’s free skate competition. Rachael keeps us posted by tweeting about her journey and sharing TwitPics of different things she sees. Carlsbad’s Shaun White is keeping us in the loop too.

Photo from David W. Carmichael via Wikimedia

Photo from David W. Carmichael via Wikimedia

Rachael Flatt
Congrats to the US hockey team! What an AMAZING game!! Deepest condolences go out to Joannie Rochette. 8:06 PM Feb 21st via web – Send off @ CMHS prior to Opening Ceremonies 7:46 AM Feb 20th via TwitPic

OMG opening ceremonies was the most amazing experience of a lifetime and I’m on cloud 9. I’m soaking it all in. 10:31 PM Feb 13th via web

Shaun White
And I’m back on the twitter! Trying to post, but not going to lie its tough stuff

Other Olympian Tweets include ones about bubble baths and being homesick, reminding us that these Olympians are still human, just with some supernatural athletic powers.

What better way to represent America in the Figure Skating Championships than to bump up some Lady Gaga beats.

In the bubble bath listening to @LadyGaga. “Show me your teeth!”

I’m very homesick today. Maybe I just miss my vacuum? That’s probably it.

Kristi Yamaguchi is such a role model for women ice skaters, from winning the 1992 Olympic Championship in women’s singles, as well as two World Figure Skating Championships in 1991 and 1992. Yamaguchi tweets to her fans and gives encouragement to fellow ice skaters.

Kristi Yamaguchi
Hi all-if u want 2 follow my blog on ladies sp go to going on now w/ Mirai skating next! Good luck to all the girls!

Follow us as we follow the 2010 Winter Olympians take on the Games. We’re so proud of our local athletes!

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