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The movie theater experience is timeless and over the years people have looked forward to seeing the next great film on the big screen. While the feeling of seeing a film for the first time in the theater is unchanging, the frustration and feelings of betrayal that bubble up inside from the ever increasing ticket and theater snack prices are only escalating, causing people to forgo the unique theater experience for the more stagnant one of watching the movie at home.

Thanks to UltraStar Cinemas and their introduction of UltraStar Play It Again Cinemas in Chula Vista, 2012 may be the beginning of affordable prices all over San Diego County. As San Diego’s largest theater chain, UltraStar Cinemas understands that budgets are tight and if history has proven one thing it’s that when times are tough, people turn to film to escape from reality. Thanks to the creative minds behind UltraStar Cinemas, movie theaters have been made affordable for families again, making it easier to enjoy the latest big film without breaking the bank.

At the majority of movie theaters adult tickets will cost $12.00, while senior tickets cost $11.00 and children tickets are $9.00. Combined with buying a soda and snack, going to the movie theater can cost one person over $20.00. The first of its kind, Play It Again Cinemas have reduced the regular price by more than half, charging $3.50 for seniors and children, $3.50 for adults until 4 p.m. and $4.00 for adults after 4 p.m.

At the innovative concession stands customers will also find an all-you-care-to-eat popcorn and drink deal that costs a mere $5.00. The offer allows guests to have unlimited access to popcorn and soda for an entire day, making it the perfect deal for those long movie days with friends and family. The self-serve concession stand will also feature $1.00 hot dogs, Polar Shock frozen beverages, and a wide array of candy.

Affordable prices isn’t the only perk Play It Again Cinemas has going for it; the theater will also be extending the release times of popular films, giving you more chances to see the films you want to see. Furthermore, the theater will be running popular iconic films that deserve another shot at the big screen. You won’t be finding the newest films playing at Play It Again Cinemas during their opening weeks, but you will find them playing once a couple weeks have passed.

Waiting to see a popular movie can be tough but with the drastic price reductions, waiting is more than worth it.

“Essentially, UltraStar Play It Again Cinemas will allow our guests to experience the films they love at affordable prices,” says Julie Bravo, Vice President of Advertising and Marketing at UltraStar Cinemas. “Audiences that missed the latest Hollywood blockbusters now have a second chance to see them the way they were meant to be seen – in a clean and comfortable big screen environment. The theatrical experience simply can’t be duplicated. Another key element of this program is that movies are made affordable for families with our $3.50 and $4.00 pricing.”

Having opened in October of 2011, Play It Again Cinemas is in full effect and has been gaining a lot of positive feedback. If this project is a success it may allow UltraStar to open more locations, spreading the affordable film experience to movie lovers all over San Diego County.

Located at 555 Broadway in Chula Vista, make sure to visit Play It Again Cinemas for your next film experience!

About UltraStar Cinemas:
UltraStar Cinemas is Southern California’s largest privately owned movie theater group. UltraStar Cinemas is headquartered in San Diego County and operates 129 screens at 12 sites throughout Southern California and Arizona. Recognized for pioneering the digital age of cinema, UltraStar was the first theater group in the world to be fully equipped with Pure Digital Cinema® powered by DLP Cinema® technology in all of its locations. In 2009, the company also became the first to offer D-BOX motion seats, which use motion effects specifically programmed for each film to create an immersive experience for movie goers. For more information, visit


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