Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ Trailer released

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With all of the focus these days being on Hunger Games and the new, hot love triangle hitting the silver screen, Twilight was not about to be entirely forgotten.  Recently a new teaser has been released to remind those of the young adult age group why they became so addicted to the vampire saga.  It has a dark teenage love that has incited riots of crazed Twilight faithfuls.  This trailer will serve as the first teaser to quench Twilight fans’ thirst for what will be the last part of the trilogy.

In the trailer fans can get a glimpse of Bella Swan, the central figure to the series and the focal point of the story’s love triangle.  After spending much of the third movie in a twisted and dangerous pregnancy, the audience is introduced to a Bella that has finally achieved her goal of becoming a vampire like her new husband, Edward Cullen.  It shows her speeding through the woods with an agility and speed known only to the vampire species as she stalks what is to become one of her first meals as a supernatural creature.  Don’t worry it also shows clips of the two heartthrobs of the film Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

Perhaps in this movie Bella will become more than a passive main character.  Already criticized for being a weak female figure, this movie and her new role as a vampire may give her the power to step out of the situation of a weak protected damsel and become more of the powerful role model that other women in the young adult genre have come to epitomize.  Today’s young readers don’t need to be focusing on a character that fell in love in high school and got pregnant following graduation; a situation that to some is a scarier fate than being thrown into a fight to the death.

Hopefully Edward’s remark, “We’re the same temperature now” also hints at this particular protagonist kicking up the heat and beginning to hold her own in a genre that is full of women who do more than curl up in the fetal position when the love of their life leaves them.  Whether critics love the characters or not the Twilight phenomena has definitively left its mark.

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