The Dark Tower – Mixed Reviews

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The film adaption of Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower,’ officially comes out this evening. With the high intensity trailer that recently released, we were excited for the premiere of it. However, ever since the first screening on Wednesday, unsatisfactory reviews of the film have been flooding the Internet.

Critics who viewed ‘The Dark Tower’ on Wednesday were not satisfied with the film adaption that was directed by Nikolaj Arcel. After viewing Arcel’s cinematic interpretation of King’s classic book, critics felt that it did not do the book justice or tell the right story. In fact, aside from King’s main character, Idris Elba’s Roland the Gunslinger, all of the other characters were simply a blend multiple characters.

Some critics were happy with certain aspects of the film adaption. For example, there were a lot of inside jokes that loyal Stephen King readers might appreciate. Additionally, Arcel’s young adult fantasy is still an entertaining movie full of adventure, comedy, and it also has a strong cast.

Some of the cast includes Matthew McConaughey, who wants to destroy the tower, and Idris Elba, who plays the gunslinger. Additionally, Katheryn Winnick plays Laurie Chambers and Jackie Earle Haley plays Sayre.

From what the critics have said, the film adaption of ‘The Dark Tower,’ doesn’t do Stephen King’s book justice. If you are a die hard Stephen King fan, you may be in for a bit of a disappointment. We have a feeling that a lot of people will pardon the discrepancies from the book and enjoy the movie as-is.

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