‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer creates new blockbuster with ‘The Host’

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Stephenie Meyer Twilight Moviegoers are about to be introduced to Stephenie Meyer’s other best seller.  Many Twilight fans who clamored for each new book that Stephenie Meyer released were equally excited when the prospect of another, separate story line emerged.

In 2008 The Host was released and fans kept it on the NY Times Best-Seller List for 26 weeks.  While the ending left it open for another book or the continuation of a new series, the novel overall stumbled in comparison to the mega-hit that Meyer started her career with.  Despite remaining in the shadow of its obscenely popular counterpart, The Host managed to remain on the LA Times  Best-Seller List for 36 weeks, was named the #1 MaClean Magazine‘s list of 10 top-selling fiction books in Canada, and named one of Amazon’s Best Books of May.

Hoping to launch off the film success of the Twilight saga and countless other young adult novel adaptations, The Host has a trailer spot in the wildly popular movie Hunger Games.  The film is centered around Mel, one of the last human beings fighting against the invasion of an alien race called “Souls.”  What this unique race of extraterrestrials does when they take over a planet is inhabit the bodies of the native race and erase their personalities and consciousness.  In the process they take over the bodies of individuals who are accustom to the planet’s environment.  Mel becomes taken over by a Soul called Wanderer.  However, Wanderer soon realizes that she doesn’t have full control over the human that floods her conscious with memories and concerns of loved ones.  The most prevalent people Wanderer comes to recognize are a younger brother, Jamie, and her lover, Jared.

The story begins to unravel as Wanderer, inside of Mel’s body, finds her way to a secret rebel camp where Jared, Jamie, and many others are hiding.  A chaotic story ensues with attempts at murder, betrayal, raids, and the trademark Meyer love triangle.  The film promises to be an anticipated flick to hit theaters March 29, 2013.  Starring Saorise Ronan (Atonement, The Lovely Bones) as Mel and Jake Abel (I Am Number 4, The Lovely Bones) and Max Irons (Red Riding Hood) as her two love interests, the movie has an up and coming, young cast that will be attempting to tap into the fan base of Hunger Games and Twilight.  If they do maybe they will finally put to rest rumors that though there is only one book, three movies to complete the trilogy are going to be in the works.

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