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The San Diego Entertainer and Lifestyles Magazine is proud to announce our partnership with UltraStar Cinemas, which will bring even more great movie reviews and previews than ever before.

UltraStar Cinemas is based right here in San Diego, and provides wonderful programming in addition to the biggest blockbuster movies for our viewing pleasure. With 141 screens at 14 sites throughout Southern California and Arizona, the company tries hard to stay at the forefront of technology, while providing the best movie-going experience to every guest that walks through their doors.

Whether it’s new popcorn flavors or creating a thrill ride with motion seats, UltraStar is on the cutting edge and has no plans for backing down. In addition to the newest and biggest films, UltraStar also provides family friendly movies that will help teach your children valuable lessons. Stay tuned to the Entertainer to find out more about this fantastic program. Alan Grossberg, President & CEO simply states, “Many movie theaters show movies for a
living. At UltraStar we strive for community involvement and being a pioneer in the industry. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the ultimate movie-going experience to all guests from 1 to 99.”

They also offer discount days and great matinée pricing to help everyone that has been struggling in this sluggish economy. For a list of their specials and showtimes, head to their website for more information. With locations in Oceanside, Bonsall, Poway, Del Mar, Mission Valley, and Chula Vista, there’s a location close to you.

As part of this wonderful partnership, we will bring you coverage on hot summer releases, family friendly programming, new releases, and the newest cinematic technology like 3-D films and movies being shown in DBOX.

UltraStar was the first exhibitor in the world to be equipped with D-BOX Motion Seats. D-BOX Technologies created D-BOX Motion Code which uses codes specifically programmed for each film, which are sent to a motion generating system integrated within the seat. D-BOX Motion Seats  capture some of the best action scenes in all types of movies. Whether it’s the anticipation of Freddy Krueger coming through the wall or Sylvester Stallone kicking the bad guy, feeling the action immerses the guest in the movie like never before.

The D-BOX seats move in sync with the action unfolding on the big screen, immersing the viewer further into the world of the film. The latest films to be offered in the DBOX experience are Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, opening May 20th and Super 8, opening this June.

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As part of this special announcement, the Entertainer will be giving away 10 4-packs of movie passes to our loyal readers so you can check out UltraStar Cinemas yourself.*

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*Tickets expire October 31, 2011 and are not valid for 3D films, DBox, or Special Engagements


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