A Beginner’s Guide to The Green Lantern

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“Green Lantern” hits theaters today and comic buffs around the world are excited. But those who aren’t familiar with the superhero may miss out on some subtle parts of the movie that are an ode to the original comic. Below is everything you need to know about The Green Lantern.

The Origin:

On a planet named Oa live the Guardians of the Universe. A highly intelligent and powerful race, these creatures wanted to help bring order and justice to the universe, which was divided into numbered sectors.

The Guardians therefore created an energy source made of pure willpower (which was green in color), known as the Central Battery. They also created Power Rings, which could harness the power of the Central Battery and transfer it to the wearer if he had enough willpower. The power from the Battery was stored in lanterns, which were used to recharge the rings.

The rings were sent out, one to each sector of the universe, to choose their own users. The wielders of these Power Rings had to protect and help those in need, uniting all the sectors. Those selected were together known as the Green Lantern Corps.

But after creating the Central Battery, the Guardians imprisoned a being comprised of pure fear in it. The being, known as Parallax, fed off of fear, which is the only thing that can stop willpower. Therefore, the owners of the rings must be fearless.

The Identity:

The first Green Lantern was known as Alan Scott. Scott was an engineer who found a green lantern containing a flame of a green meteor, which fell to Earth thousands of years ago. The flame instructed him how to create a ring from the lantern, which was filled with magical powers and had to be recharged.

The second Green Lantern, known as Hal Jordan, appeared in 1959. A test pilot, Jordan was chosen by the ring for his bravery, since humans cannot be fearless. When the ring’s previous alien owner Abin Sur was wounded, he landed on Earth. Here he had to pass the ring on to the one who would replace him to protect Sector 2814. In this new story the ring was no longer magical, but controlled by willpower.

Later, Jordan was given a backup Green Lantern, named Guy Gardner. Gardner would eventually be replaced by John Stewart, who was another backup. In more modern times, the Green Lantern is Kyle Rayner.

Fun Facts:

**The Green Lantern debuted in 1940. He first appeared in All American Comics number 16, published by All American Publications. (Member of this publication eventually formed DC Comics.)

**The Green Lantern became one of the original founders of the Justice Society of America, and he later appeared in the Justice League. He also starred in his own comic book series, which lasted almost 10 years.

**Jordan’s love interest on Earth was Carrols Ferris, who was chosen to be Queen Sapphire.

**The Green Lantern also fell in love with Arisia, a 13-year-old alien girl.

**The superhero’s darkest time was when his hometown of Coast City was destroyed. He went insane and killed other members of the Green Lantern Corps. to get their rings so he could use their power to go back in time.

**Jordan’s non-powered best friend is called Green Arrow.

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