Check Out These Hidden Gems on Netflix

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The ever-changing Netflix catalog is packed with so many titles it can be hard to weed out the underrated movies among it all. We’re talking about the ones that didn’t make it big when they initially released, but totally deserve to be recognized. If you need some fresh content to indulge in for your next streaming sesh, here are the top hidden gems you don’t want to miss. 


With Netflix releasing original content at a blistering pace, it can be hard to keep up. 1922 is one of the movies that got lost in a sea of releases with far greater hype, and it’s a shame, because it’s one of the better horror flicks to come out of the Netflix camp. It is a wonderfully creepy pre-Depression supernatural murder mystery based on a story from the master of horror himsef: Stephen King. It is a slow-burn thriller that will take you a ghastly ride through madness, and we mean that in the best way possible. 

About Time 

A romantic comedy with a time travel twist makes About Time a delight to watch. After a young man learns the men in his family have the ability to time travel, he uses it to help him fall in love with a charismatic American girl. The time travel slant in About Time provides it with a refreshing take that is played out all too well. While packed with plenty of laughs, it proves to be a real tear-jerker, exploring the themes of the often-times tumultuous relationship between a father and son. 

Under the Skin 

Scarlett Johanson stars in this surreal sci-fi indie, playing as an extraterrestrial being who preys on the unsuspecting men of Scotland. Under the Skin is a visually stunning film that leaves much up for interpretation, so don’t expect a tidy ending. It is definitely on the fringe end of sci-fi, but the sheer filmmaking skill provides for an interesting and mesmerizing watch. 

Layer Cake 

Before his recruitment as 007, Daniel Craig played an unnamed cocaine distributor in London in Layer Cake. After a long bout in the criminal underworld, this unnamed dealer wants out of the business. But before he does, he’s going to have to complete one final job. Craig delivers his effortlessly cool attitude brimming with confidence, making Layer Cake a film just oozing with style. 


Enemy is a stellar addition to the psychological thriller genre, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a solitary college professor who discovers an actor that looks exactly like him. As he delves further into investigating this strange doppelganger, he begins to spiral further down the rabbit hole. Enemy is a bizarre film in its own right, but a superb performance by Gyllenhaal and a wild twist make it a top-notch pick. 

Hell or High Water 

Two brothers choose to live life on the wrong side of the law as they commit a string of bank robberies throughout rural Texas. This modern-day crime drama with a touch of western quickly draws you in, thanks to superb performances from Chris Pine and Ben Foster. 

Beasts of No Nation 

Idris Elba takes the helm in this war-drama that moves fluidly from visual storytelling to introspective character studies. Set in war-torn Africa, we see how a child rebel soldier deals with the conflict after joining a local militant group led by a charismatic leader. Featuring a cast on nearly entirely non-career actors, Beasts of No Nation gives the viewer a raw and authentic depiction of the struggles the constant state of warfare on the continent. 

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