A Sequel to Labyrinth is Coming to Theaters

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TriStar Pictures announced 1986 fantasy film and cult classic musical, Labyrinth, is expected to come out with a sequel. It will be hard to top Jim Hansen’s original version featuring David Bowie in absurd tights as the villain named Jareth,  the new directors and plans for the movie offer exciting surprises.

In the original movie, teenager Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) mindlessly wishes her infant brother away to an evil goblin king, Jareth. In order to save him, Sarah must enter another twisted universe and partake in an other worldly maze. Surprisingly, most of the characters in the film are puppets from Jim Hansen’s Creature Shop, making this movie even more unique.

The sequel of the original Labyrinth features a new cast and is more of a spin-off of the film, therefore, we are in for many surprises. There hasn’t been much information revealed about the film just yet, but rumors say there will likely be no correspondence to the actual events of the first Labyrinth in the sequel aside from similarities in the setting.

Re-creator of Jim Hansen’s bizarre yet brilliant world, Fede Alvarez, is expected to direct the sequel. He will also co-write the new spin-off film with Jay Basu to ultimately put fourth the final script and start directing. Alvarez also directs the script he wrote with Basu for ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ which is a continuation of the saga of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ coming out in 2018.  After Alvarez and Basu finish ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web,’ they will begin work on the Labyrinth. Also, Lisa Henson, daughter of the original director of the film in 1986, will produce the film.

There is no further information on the cast or crew of the sequel in Labyrinth, but casting is expected to take place starting in the fall. In the meantime, rent the old 1986 movie and get excited for the sequel.

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