Should Women Shave for Smoother Skin?

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It is well known that Mr. Mustache can also try to be tragically female. In fact, over 40 million women in the U.S. are bothered by facial hair. But is a woman who regularly shaves her face in danger of becoming the next bearded lady at the circus?

Successful model and beauty queen, Shelley Goodstein, advises women to shave their faces for flawless skin. Goodstein says no way, “The thought that shaving your face will cause the hairs to grow back thicker and darker is a conspiracy theory that the beauty industry has promoted in order to make us spend thousands of dollars trying to get rid of what a simple 99 cent disposable razor can.”

Shelley has been shaving her face for over 20 years after a makeup artist told about doing it for flawless looking skin in photographs.

Asian women have routinely shaved their faces for years. Banners hang outside local barbershops advertising Ladies Shaving in neighborhoods all across Japan, and who has more flawless looking skin than Japanese women? And now you know it’s not all genetics.

Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Domanskis encourages his female patients to shave their faces to slow the aging process. Dermatology and plastic surgery offices across the country offer a similar procedure of shaving the face that costs hundreds of dollars called derma-planing. Elizabeth Cummaro, R.N. aesthetician comments, “I see a remarkable improvement in my client’s skin after I perform derma-planing, which is almost exactly what shaving does.”

Embarrassing and seldom discussed, the peach fuzz and faint mustache on women’s upper lip is not a good look. Shaving is a simple, inexpensive and safe way to remove it. Some may resist saying, “Not by the hair of my chinny-chin chin” but if this model’s best beauty secret gets out, don’t be surprised if your girlfriend or wife is shaving her face next to you in the morning.

Shelley Goodstein is a model, speaker and author of the new book “Face This: Real advice from real models, photographers and makeup artists on how to become Picture Perfect!” Formerly represented by the Ford Agency, she has worked in the Miami and Chicago markets and currently is represented by the Agency Arizona in Scottsdale. Shelley was chosen by Cover Girl and the editors of More Magazine as their Grand Prize Beauty Search Winner out of thousands of women over 40 and featured in their October issue.

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