Why do we love Halloween America?

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Well there are two days left before All Hallows Eve. People of all ages young and old are scurrying to put the final pieces of their costumes together for a night of fun and festive celebration on the day we know as Halloween. Every year the anticipation for the holiday is larger than ever, kids cannot wait to go out and get candy, and adults cannot wait to go out and show that wild side we’ve been keeping in for months. So why is it America, that this holiday is so loved in our culture?

For the young, it could be the adventure of trying to get the most candy stuffed into a pillow case as they can. Or for adults it can be that adventure of reliving your childhood through a costume and a night of fun and drinking. But, in my opinion Halloween has become such a part of our culture due to its undeniable ability to make us happy.

Provided by 'woodleywonderworks' via Flickr

Provided by 'woodleywonderworks' via Flickr

I want you to look back at the days of your childhood, and try to remember Halloween. Do you remember the unforgiving anticipation that you held when all the houses adorned decorations? Pumpkins carved menacingly, ghouly ghosts, haunted houses, spider webs, and the presence of monsters filled the streets and corners of every neighborhood. School was centered around making squishy eyes, costume contests, and who could write the scariest story. Everything from Oct. 16th to the 31st was nothing but Halloween, it was like a one-two punch; they set it up, then the night of Halloween knocks you down.

The day before Halloween you would go into school and the classroom was no longer a class room. Instead, it had morphed into a convention of cartoons, superheroes, princesses, and occasionally the A-Team. This is what Halloween does. Instead of a day of normalcy it brings about the weird nature of humanity. No longer can Sally (who you had a crush on) deny you anymore, especially now that you have your Superman six-pack and flowing red cape. She is wearing her Polly Princess costume looking all kinds of good in those pink pumps.

That is what Halloween is all about. Making you feel different for one day, a day that can make even the weirdest of weird acceptable. It is that aspect that makes us love Halloween.

The young can finally embrace that inner imagination. This imagination is held back too many times by the confines of the education system; on Halloween we can let out a roar.

The old can finally embrace that pent up child that has been thwarted off by the condition of being socially acceptable. This day is not a celebration of the scary, it is a celebration of life.

Provided by 'Kerryvaughan' via Flickr

Provided by 'Kerryvaughan' via Flickr

So get out there and make this Halloween one to remember. Go to parties, dress up as crazy as you want, it’s f-ing Halloween!

If you meet the occasional naughty school girl who’s had one too many cocktails, tell her that you’re here to save her and your keg hat is really a source of all your super powers. Go anywhere and everywhere you can to celebrate this great holiday that has become a part of our lives. If you don’t there is something wrong with you. This is the one day that you can be whoever you want and do nearly anything because people will say, “well, it’s Halloween.”

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