Why do we Idolize Social Influencers?

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As you scroll down your Instagram feed, how many times do you see people promoting Sugar Bear Hair or Hello Fresh? The odds are that these ads are on a social influencer’s feed and have them smiling with their unnaturally perfect teeth and special edits for their photos. So, why is being a social influencer such a desire these days?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, an “influencer” is “a person or group that has the ability to influence the behavior or opinions of others: The influencer is the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative.”

GEO Marketing states that 75% of companies in 2018 used social influencers to sell a product. Using social influencers with a heavy following on Instagram may be a successful way to show off a product, but why is being famous on social media so desired?

Allison Ward, a recent marketing graduate from California State University-San Marcos says, “If you see someone famous wearing a cute T-shirt, it is more likely that you will get the same article of clothing, or at least check out the site for the piece. We do this because we idolize these people who seem to have perfect lives, and we want to wear everything they wear and use all their products because we want to be relevant and have perfect lives too. In reality, none of these people’s lives are perfect, but social media only portrays what you want it to portray. It doesn’t show the full story.”

Market Watch claims that Millenials spend 50% of their day on the phone, so why wouldn’t they want to work from their phones and get paid to post “trendy” pictures?

These sorts of professions such as Pyramid Schemes or Direct Marketing is a way for people to work and influence potential buyers from their phones while promoting products and emphasizing a lifestyle where you make your own schedule and rules. Although these careers have allowed many people to be extremely successful, it’s the stigma behind it and other famous influencers that make everyone else want to be like them too.

We look at people from the bachelorette, famous bloggers, and the Kardashians and see how “easy” their life is, simply because they look visually appealing and post about the latest products. The idea behind this easy lifestyle and quick money is what is drawing in the millennial audience; they want it all.

Social Influencers, the successful ones, have a niche or a talent for a specific business and help others better themselves. Although the desire to be famous and the idea that you can just “post a picture a day, make a living, a travel” seems too good to be true.

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