Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Stage of Your Relationship

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Valentine’s Day presents itself with a great opportunity to take the time to define your relationship. Whether you just started dating, have been married for a decade, or anything in between, a gift can say a thousand words. Of course there are the traditional anniversary gifts that someone made up and our culture continues (paper, metal, diamond, etc.), but we thought we’d help you come up with fun and creative ways to communicate how you’re feeling at this stage in your relationship.

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It’s only been two months, but you’re feeling pretty fly every time this guy walks in the door. You’ve yet to meet all his friends, and not quite ready to meet the fam, but you are definitely ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Paint them a mug at The Hot Spot Studio, grab them a bag of their favorite coffee, and write them a note to tell them how much you’ve bean thinking about them.

Inching Toward Longterm Commitment

Butterflies roam around your belly as your lips touch. Every joke is new and hilarious, and you’ve learned how to communicate in a new language, with just the use of your eyes. 2017 marks the first (of hopefully many) Valentine’s Days for you and your loved one, and that dream of a happily ever after, seems so near. Take your love to the ALTITUDE Sky Lounge at Marriott’s Gaslamp Quarter Hotel, and enjoy the stunning views from the top. Whether you are ready to get down on one knee and surprise her with a diamond message that symbolizes forever, or just show her how high your love is for her, this gift will be sure to speak volumes. 

Engaged & Enchanted

Earlier this year you and your partner said ‘yes’ to journey through this life together. The wedding planning has begun, and so has the exhaustion of dealing with family and getting all of the last minute details in order. Let’s face it. You two need some time away from the stress to enjoy this season. Gift yourself a boat ride for two and enjoy some wine and cheese on the cathartic ocean waves, to reconnect, breathe, and see some new beautiful sites. Have a Charcuterie board made at The Cheese Store SD and rent a boat for as little as $50 an hour. What a great way to say, I love you.


It’s been a year since you said ‘I do’ and your house was filled with new gifts from your registry. You decided not to buy anything for each other the past year, because after months of unpacking boxes of your new toys, you needed a break. It’s time to shake off the chaos and celebrate all that has happened this past year. What better way to celebrate than to re-live your wedding day! Hire your wedding day photographer, or another local photographer, and take photos at your favorite wedding day locations. Now that the stress is over, you can soak in how you imagined the day to go, and have some fun with it! Take your photos to Nelson Prints in Point Loma to be turned into a calendar so that you can continue relishing in the memories next year. End the night with a celebration cocktail at Craft and Commerce and laugh at all that went wrong.

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In It Forever

This isn’t your first rodeo. You have kids at home and have been celebrating Valentine’s Day with your spouse for years now. So how else can you show them your love? Find a day to slip away together and enjoy a 60-minute couples massage. Life can be busy, messy, and unpredictable, so why not care for your relationship by taking care of your bodies? Bellagio Salon & Day Spa in Mission Valley has Valentine’s Day specials for you and your partner. Take time to remind each other just how meaningful you have been to each other.
No matter what stage in the game you find yourself, may you find the perfect way to communicate how you feel to the one you’re connected to this Valentine’s Day.

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