Essential Tips for Throwing a Great Bachelor Party

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Bachelor parties should be exciting and memorable events for everyone attending. Unfortunately, some simple mistakes can make these events memorable for the wrong reasons.

Use these essential tips for throwing a great bachelor party to prevent those simple mistakes from plaguing your event. Of course, throughout the party planning stage, keep COVID-19 safety precautions in mind. If you’re going to gather with close friends for this celebration, do it safely and smartly.

Invite the Right Crew

The guests you invite to the party will significantly impact the energy and mood of the event. Suffice it to say, bringing guests who the groom doesn’t get along with is not ideal. A bachelor party should be a night to remember, so only invite close friends.

Plus, given the state of the pandemic by the time you read this, inviting a large number of people might not be the safest or smartest thing to do. Throwing massive parties can definitely be fun, but this is one occasion that’s best to experience with the guys—your closest group of buddies, not random people from your Facebook friends list.

Make Sure the Groom is Cool with the Plan

It’s understandable to want to plan a bachelor party without letting the groom in on what’s happening. That way, you can surprise them with all of the fun activities you have in store, right? Not necessarily, which is why checking-in with the groom is one of the essential tips for throwing a great bachelor party.

The last thing you should want to happen is planning the seemingly perfect party, only to discover that it deviates from the groom’s interests. You might think you know him well enough to stick to his personal preferences, but just to be safe, ask the groom to okay the evening’s itinerary before the day of the party.

Boats Are Better Than Bars

While pub crawls are a popular bachelor party event, sometimes it’s better to break away from certain traditions. Instead of partying at the bars, consider renting a party boat for the event. Boats give you a private venue where you can choose the drinks, food, and music to suit your tastes.

You’ll need to talk with the rental service about food and drink guidelines, but most will have no problem with you bringing alcohol aboard in some way. A boat allows you to use nature as your venue, making any photos of the event look stunning on social media—if you find the right spot, of course.

While you’re having fun on the water, keep in mind that drinking while boating is very dangerous. Thankfully, since rental services should provide you with a professional captain for your boat, everyone at the party can drink without one of them having to be the designated driver. All boat parties need a sober, professional captain at the helm. However, it’s still important to learn and follow the top boat party safety tips.


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