Optimize Your Next Trip To Costco with These Tips

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Food samples, hot dogs, and good deals — what more could you ask for? Costco is one of the nation’s leading wholesalers, and the retail chain is known for offering its customers some killer deals. If you’re a member of Costco, use these tips to get the most out of your next shopping trip and get the most bang for your buck.

Don’t wait

If you see a killer deal at Costco, it would be wise to pull the trigger and buy it right there. Seasonal deals at Costco often disappear forever once they’re gone. When these deals go away, they are usually phased out, making way for the next to come.

Buy Kirkland brand products

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s private label brand, named after the company’s former headquarters in Kirkland, Washington. Kirkland is cheaper than name brands, and the same exact product. For example, a bottle of Kirkland vodka is actually distilled by the same company that distills for Grey Goose, yet it is sold for a fraction of the cost. You’ll find Kirkland products sold in bulk at prices you can’t ignore, so be sure to choose them when you can.

Snag a rotisserie chicken

Perhaps the best food deal offered at Costco, this fully seasoned rotisserie chicken can easily feed your whole family. The best part? They’re only $4.99.

Buy Alcohol

Costco is one of the biggest sellers of wine in the U.S. and their low-prices extend to their extensive selection of alcohol as well. You’ll be able to find some low prices for high-quality wines, and you can even get the massive 48-pack of Kirkland brand light beer, perfect to stock up if you’re throwing a party. Even if you aren’t a member at Costco, you can still take advantage of their alcohol deals.

Focus on household supplies

Household supplies like milk, bread, and eggs are exceptionally cheap at Costco and can be purchased in bulk, making it perfect for stocking up and saving the extra shopping trips.

Utilize the right credit card

If Costco is your main shopping center, then you should consider getting the Costco Anywhere Visa card. This credit card is extremely generous with its incentives, giving you 2% cash back on all Costco purchases, and 4% cash back whenever you fill your car up anywhere, including stations operated by Costco.

Don’t spend like crazy

Walking into Costco may overwhelm you with all of the deals you see and the bulk quantities you can get. While it is prudent to take advantage of good deals when you see them, be sure to ask yourself if the purchase is something you need? Rr is it just an impulse buy? This will also be a major help to keep purchases within the realm of your budget.

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