Tila shows off her battle wounds

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Tila Tequila was seen leaving the DA’s office on Thursday, September 10th, giving her first non-tweeted comments about the incident that occurred over the weekend in Shawne Merriman’s home. Not only did she offer up a “we’ll see” when asked about pressing charges, she displayed visible large bruises on the upper part of both arms, reported TMZ.

After what is being publicized as “an attack” by San Diego’s Charger powerhouse Shawne Merriman on reality star Tila Tequila, San Diego Sheriff’s Department handed to case over to the DA to be examined. All information is being taken into consideration, including Tequila’s citizen’s arrest warrant accusing the athlete of battery and false imprisonment, two very serious felonies. All the evidence will be examined, including the questioning of witnesses to the event.

Merriman has told several news sources that he tried to stop Tequuila from driving intoxicated. The following statement was released by Tila Tequila’s lawyer in response to the NFL’s story about “keeping her safe” and not letting her drive:

Shawne Merriman and his advisors have decided that the best defense is a good offense, attacking Tila Tequila in the press with a lot of calculated spin to cover up his illegal and indefensible actions.

Fortunately, we as a society will not tolerate a 6’4″, 270 pound all-pro NFL linebacker physically assaulting a young lady who is 4’11” and 93 pounds. It is never justifiable to brutally assault, choke, strike and imprison a woman.

Once the truth is fully revealed, Mr. Merriman’s fantastic story of how he was trying to keep Ms. Tequila safe will be completely discredited.

It’s hard to imagine a man who had a steady girlfriend for four years would ever commit such a horrific act. His previous girlfriend, Gloria Velez, claims it is not in his nature and that “had never laid a hand on her.”

One thing is for sure, pictures are worth a thousand words. For all those whose gut reaction led them to think the petite Tila was being an intoxicated drama queen, one new question arises.  Can the act of stopping someone from driving drunk leave such marks? Then again, she is a small woman who may bruise easily.  Who knows?… Should be an interesting season for the Chargers.

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