Three of San Diego’s most Haunted Locations

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October has arrived and it’s only right that we all start getting in the spirit of Halloween. Every year, October marks the month where scary movies are released, costume shopping begins, and picking pumpkins and running through haunted corn mazes start. October is known as the creepiest month of the year and for some reason, we love it.

Over the course of the years, articles have been released about the creepiest places in the world, but none seem to focus on San Diego. Well, get ready because here are some of San Diego’s spookiest spots.

2707311595_dedb0fe28b_bHotel del Coronado

Not only is this one of the most spectacular hotels in San Diego, it’s also the home to many unexpected deaths. Ghosts are said to haunt the halls of the hotel causing paranormal activity throughout the rooms. One ghost in particular is Kate Morgan who checked into room 302 at the hotel in the late 1800’s after a fight with her husband. Not long after that, she was found dead in a staircase. Many believe she was murdered by her husband which was made to look like a suicide. Kate’s ghost has been wreaking havoc on room 302 and has been seen wandering through the halls of the hotel. Of course, you can still check into the room Kate stayed in and experience all of the paranormal activity your heart desires.


Mount Helix Cross

Known for family picnics and beautiful weddings, this popular spot may not be so joyful after all. Many, and I mean a lot, of people have heard a woman sobbing underneath the cross, when no one else is around. Other people claim they have seen a Victorian bride show up right in front of them which then disappears. Unexplained wind, unknown wailing, and a ghost bride….no thank you.

The Whaley House

Located in Old Town, this house was named the most haunted house in America in 2005. A man named James “Yankee Jim” Robinson was hanged in the house for attempted grand larceny. This didn’t stop a man named Thomas Whaley from buying the property and building his family home on it. While living there it is said the family experienced the haunting of James Robinson as well as the deaths of many of his children. Everyone who ever lived and died in the house is now haunting it. Now, the home operates as a museum, but to this day visitors experience creepy sightings and unexplained activity.

San Diego is often known by its beauty, sun, sand and surf, but it’s also home to such a diverse past. If you think you are safe avoiding those top three places, think again. Haunted hotels, lighthouses, ships, and old historic homes fill San Diego. It’s no surprise that with such rich history comes plenty of ghosts. So if paranormal activity is your thing, don’t mess around with silly haunted houses. Visit the real haunted locations of San Diego.

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