“If You Really Knew Me” on MTV sheds light on teen issues

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MTV is changing the minds of young teenagers one school at a time with the new reality show, “If You Really Knew Me.” The show dives into the lives of average high school students across the nation and challenges them to change for the better.

“If You Really Knew Me” isn’t just about the jocks and the geeks, it is about stripping away the stereotypes that are placed on teens today and showing them the real personalities of their peers.

The premiere of the show opened with a visit to Freedom High School in Oakley, California. Freedom High School was considered the “kingdom of cliques” and something needed to be done. In episode 1, we meet students from all walks of life. We meet the ones that bully others and the ones being bullied. While meeting the student body of Freedom High School, we also meet three teens that face different adversaries in their day-to-day life; the jock, a former cutter, and a girl who often thought about committing suicide.

On the outside all of theses individuals seemed like they would have nothing in common, but once they were able to let go of their publics persona’s they were able to see that they were more alike than they thought.

The show gathered students from all different cliques to partake in, what the show calls, “Challenge Day.” Challenge Day is a one day event where students gather in a large auditorium and go through different exercises that allow them to put their egos  and express their true feelings. One challenge the students faced was an exercise called “crossing the line,” which gave students the chance to show others what they have been through and how they have felt. It showed everyone in that room that they were not alone.

After Challenge Day, the students are more aware of what changes need to be made to fight stereotypes and discrimination. MTV definitely hit the ball on this one. Without spoiling the entire season, check out the new episodes on MTV every Tuesday night at 11 p.m.

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    August 6, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    My name is Teddy Meeks but everyone calls me T.J.I’am 32 married with two children.Ihave a son in the first grade and a daughter who is three years old. I’m from Louisville,KY.I was so touched when I saw the show on MTV that I would like to bring the program to Louisville.I would like to run the program but I don’t know how to go about doing it.I would love to help the kids.I got made fun of all the time in high school for being so small.I was about 4ft 4in tall and 50 pounds.I cried everyday when I got home from school freshman year.I want help kids realize that we are all a lot alike.We all have something in common or relate too.I have already have some people who would like to help me out here in Louisville.My wife Leah would like to help me.She was the opposite of me in high school. She was a cheerleader and real popular.If there is anyone who can help me or give me some direction on how to start here in Louisville.I would appreciate it.

  2. Rochelle H. Emert

    August 6, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Hi Teddy. Thanks for reading. You can find more information about how to bring a Challenge Day to your community at Check it out!

  3. dignity bennett

    October 12, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Hi my name is dignity im 13 and i go to wasilla middle school and im commentting becase i need your help
    i know you only do hight schools but i wud really love if you can help us at this school we just had a boy in my school witch was one of my best friends and some one told him if he killed him self no one wud cry and the next week we all came to school and found out he killed himsels are school really needs help and im so tired of being maed fun of i may only be 13 but i wwant a change in wasilla alaska at are school i get maed fun of every day becase of some many thing and im so tired of it i really need your help to change are school to change the way everone looks at us cae most poeple in 8th gread has been going to school to gothere from 3th-8th gread and it needs to stop plz email me about this so i can get help

  4. Jessica Conway

    October 12, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    Hello you guys,
    My name Is Jessica conway; But everyone calls me Jessiie!
    I also go to wasilla middle school. We all know you guys do high school and
    stuff but we really need this. Our school is the biggest drama fest EVER!
    I really just wanna just get to know our school as one big family you know?
    And this is our last year in middle school you know? And me and some friends
    Really just want it to work out you know? At least before high school.
    If we don’t high school is just gonna be even worst.
    There is just so much people making fun of kids;
    And they don’t even know them. It kills me.
    If you really guys can help, E-mail me back please.
    -Jessica Conway;
    Jessiie 😀

  5. Brett Taliaferro

    December 6, 2010 at 7:50 am

    My name is brett and i go to Hudson Highschool in Lufkin Texas i am 16 and im very popular but not for the good im known as a trouble maker a pot smoker ive been threw TYC which is a youth prison system for juvenilles and ive been to rehab and DAEP which is a alterntive school ive been threw alot ive been hooked on so many drugs i party all the time ive been on probation and house arrest its alot i come to school everyday with a smile on my face but deep inside i dont like how people like the outside of me i dont like the only people i can hangout with i dont like how people judge me because of my past why cant somebody know me for who i am im this world of negitvity and let downs all the time im always depressed but dont show it im to embarressed to show my emotions so im not a emotional guy but inside i am i just wish people knew me for who i am and not for i once acted or was talked about someone come help hudson highschool for a change

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