Justin Timberlake ‘SNL’ Season Finale Yields Highest Ratings Since 2004

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Justin Timberlake returned to Saturday Night Live last weekend to host the season finale. The singer-actor-comedian triple threat proved to be an excellent host once again, starring in several fantastic skits throughout the night.

He reprised some of his classic roles, such as the over-enthused breakfast mascot once known as “Omlettville” guy, returned this week as the “Liquorville” mascot. He also joined Jimmy Fallon’s Barry “effin’” Gibb as Robin Gibb, on another episode of the “Barry Gibb Talk Show” skit. And no Justin Timberlake SNL experience would be complete without a JT-Andy Samberg Digital short. The two did not disappoint as the insatiable R&B Balladeers from “D*** in a Box” and “MotherLover” fame, this time as two conflicted lovers after the same lady in “3-Way: (The Golden Rule)” Timberlake even pokes fun at himself in a skit where he plays a another young music prodigy, Mozart, who feels tempted to pursue an acting career. Hilarity ensues.

Musical guest Lady Gaga also appeared in a few skits throughout the night. Most notably on the game show skit “What’s That Name” where she and host Justin Timberlake competed to raise money for charity, only to face some difficult questions and unfamiliar faces. She also made an appearance during the “Liquorville” skit as the wine-themed mascot partner to Timberlake’s dancing 40 oz bottle. Gaga also performed two songs off her new album, “Judas” and “Born This Way.” In true Gaga form, the two performances were somewhat crazy, questionable in taste and truly wonderful.

The episode marks the end of a tumultuous 36th season for Saturday Night Live, which was forced to cut back and house a smaller cast this year due to budget cuts at NBC. The season finale brought the show its highest ratings since 2004 when the Olsen twins hosted the finale, and was up 21% since last year’s finale.

Saturday Night Live returns in September after a summer hiatus.

Watch the “Liquorville” skit here.

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