Super Bowl XLIV recipes and party tips

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Although many San Diegans still tear up when thinking about the Charger’s disappointing loss to the Jets, the show must go on. Or, in this case, the Super Bowl. Although we wish our Chargers were there, we can all still celebrate one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

Unlike other parties, a Super Bowl party is much more casual and free flowing, as the game will be the core form of entertainment. So all you need to worry about is feeding your guests, providing enough seating, and creating a fun, competitive atmosphere for fans to cheer.

If you want to throw an epic party so you and your guests will forget about the Chargers not being there, the Entertainer is here to help.

  • First, clean your house. Clear unnecessary or fragile objects from tables and end tables. Also, have plenty of coasters out to protect your furniture.
  • Decorate the house in team colors. Blue and white on one side and black and gold on the other. Or, if you know who you’re rooting for, drop all objectivity and adorn your house with those colors only. Fun banter will surely arise as guests root for the opposing team.
  • In case the couches fills up, bring out extra chairs and pillows for guests to sit.
  • Party food. You don’t want to just have chips and dip at your party; try these amazing, sports inspired recipes that will surely have your guests raving: Cheese steak quesadilla, Black been chicken chili, and a Football Cake for dessert!  Don’t have time to cook? Pizza and wings are always an enjoyable snack for the big game. Also, if your party is going to be a potluck, be sure to coordinate with guests beforehand what to bring.
  • Disposable plates, silverware, and cups. You don’t want your kitchen piling up with a bunch of dishes throughout the night. And if you really want to stick with the theme, you can get Super Bowl themed supplies.
  • Have a separate room prepared with movies or board games for those guests who aren’t interested in the football game.
  • Plan halftime games and have a pool for each quarter—everyone loves a good bet. And if you’re guests are of age, try out these fun drinking games–just makes sure everyone has a designated driver!
  • And of course, have plenty of beer. Make sure it’s chilled and buy more than you think you’ll need. Who wants to go on a beer run in the middle of the game anyway?

So even though our beloved Chargers will not be playing this Sunday, you can still pick a team and have yourself a super entertaining, super fun Super Bowl party. Who’s it going to be, San Diego—the Saints or the Colts?

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