Best Super Bowl commercials ever

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Photo from RMTip21 via Flickr.

Photo from RMTip21 via Flickr

If there is one day of the year that is dedicated to glorifying the television set and barbecue grill, it would have to be football fanatics’ favorite day — Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is the largest American television event of the year, known to congregate millions of viewers together to watch the two greatest football teams battle it out for the Super Bowl championship.

This year, viewers from all over will share some burgers and beers as they bet to see whether the New Orleans Saints or Indianapolis Colts will take home the Super Bowl XLIV championship trophy and title. They will also be watching some of the best commercials, each one funnier and more amazing than the next.

As if the game itself isn’t exciting and eventful enough, the Super Bowl is also known for showing the best commercials in television history. Those 30-second time slots are hot commodities for advertisers, costing approximately $2.8 million each. NFL sponsors PepsiCo and FedEx have decided to take the bench and sit this year out, making it the first in 23 years that PepsiCo is not broadcasting a commercial during the Super Bowl. However, commercial fiends can still anticipate some brilliant advertisements from some all-time favorites; Coca-Cola and Doritos have purchased time slots to air their commercials, as well as Hyundai, Honda, and Audi. Be sure to watch for a couple sneak peaks of upcoming films Iron Man 2 and The Last Airbender, and of course, we can always count on Budweiser and Bud-Light to whip up some extraordinary commercials that will leave viewers talking and laughing for days.

Although it’s difficult to choose which commercials prevail over others, a few of them are just too good to ever forget. A popular  favorite is E*Trade’s baby commercial during the Super Bowl XLII in 2008.

When you’re watching the game, having a Bud, this commercial is to blame for your inclination to yell WAZZUPPPPP with the guys. True, true.

And we can’t forget our favorite geckos dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller alongside Naomi Campbell in SoBe Life Water’s Super Bowl commercial in 2008. It doesn’t get much better than this.

So settle down, grab those nachos, and let’s enjoy some of the soon-to-be best Super Bowl commercials in history. You won’t want to miss out on all the chatter for the next couple days, I’m sure.

Also, keep an eye out for a local in one of the commercials this year.  A local business owner, Dan Engelbrecht, from Del’s Barber Shop in Escondido will play a Miller beer truck driver in a commercial to air during Super Bowl. Check out the Miller website for more information and for previews of his big moment.

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