Summer fun at Knotts Soak City

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With the temperature rising San Diegans are looking for different ways to stay cool. By default you can go to the beach, and spend a few hours looking for parking, unloading your car, and then traveling a distance with your belongings; only to find yourself searching for a decently sized spot on the sand. Doesn’t that sound like a fun trip to the beach? Why not skip the beach hassle and head on over to Knotts Soak City where you’re guaranteed to have ample, stress-free, family time underneath the blazing sun. All you have to do is make your way there and shell out a few bucks, then voila let the fun begin!

The San Diego Entertainer Magazine had the opportunity to have Knotts Soak City as their host site for the June episode of E&L TV! This gave viewers a full blown tour of what the water park has in store for visitors this summer. Marketing Manager of Knotts Soak City, Brandon Paradeau, gave us an inside scoop on their newest attractions.

Slides and Attraction

Knotts Soak City is such an ideal place for fun in the sun, with several slides and attractions there’s something for everyone. If you’re up for thrill and adventure then you’ll want to visit any of the following slides:

  • Pacific Spin– Taking tubing to another level Pacific Spin is the newest thrill attraction you have to experience. Blasting riders down into a 132-ft long tunnel, then drastically dropping 75-ft into a six story funnel will ensure you’ll come out soaking wet and potentially all thrilled out!
  • Coronado Express– Grab your family and friends for this giant raft adventure and hold on tight!
  • La Jolla Falls– make your way to this 80-ft tall slide and speed on down!
  • Imperial Run– Climb 60-ft and select one of the six different body slides. You have the option to select an open air and blue skies slide, or be in complete darkness.
  • Solona Storm Watch Tower & Palisades Plunge– Grab an inner tube and race with your friends down these slides!

If screaming and dropping down slides are not up your ally, then head on over to Sunset River or Gremmie Lagoon, and kick back and relax. Did you bring the little ones? Tykes Trough is perfect for the kiddes, but if you want to play too then make your way to Dick’s Beach House for four stories of interactive fun!


Knotts Soak City FoodBesides the great rides and attractions there is something new happening at the water park. Knotts Soak City is now offering new food and beverage options for people of all ages. Eric Wood, head cook of Eric’s Beach Club Bar, shares with viewers all the great new options for food. Knotts Soak City will be offering everything from burritos to pizza and for adults there is Eric’s Beach Club and Bar. There they offer specialty food as well as many different kinds of alcoholic beverages including over 30 kinds of beer. For those looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, there is also the Surfer Dick’s Candy Shop for a sugary souvenir.


Knotts Soak City StoreAnother handy feature of Knotts Soak City is the Surf Shop. If you forget something as essential as a towel or sunscreen for your visit it is no problem at all. A quick trip to the Wipe Out Surf Shop will have you fully equipped and ready for a sun soaked day.

Everything you need to enjoy a water-filled day is all at Knotts Soak City, so next time you and your family have the itch to spend the day refreshed underneath the sun come on over!

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