Style Must-Haves for a Skater-Inspired Outfit

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The west coast is home to many things—the popsicle, the hula hoop, and a whole host of movie and music genres. Among all these pop culture icons, you’ll find the skateboarder and streetwear fashion that comes with it. But you don’t have to know how to do a fakie beta flip or an ollie nose grab to take inspiration from the look of an asphalt surfer. All you need are these style must-haves for a skater-inspired outfit.


Technically, if you’re on a skateboard, you ought to wear a helmet. But if you’re not at the level of the X-Games, you can usually get away with a little more stylish headgear. Most skaters go for a snapback or hoodie because those things stay on their heads while they’re speeding through the streets.

Protip: Think About the Material

If you’re racing around in the hot sun, your hat is going to be one of the first things you’re going to sweat on. Look for a material that’s moisture-wicking and temperature regulating. This is one of the reasons a lot of skaters are turning to Merino wool for their beanies.


Although the skateboard originates from the 50s, the fashion associated with it hit the scene in the 80s when Shawn Stussy started selling graphic t-shirts with his name on them. As a result, the graphic t-shirt is one of the must-have pieces of skater-inspired outfits. Go-to graphics include band logos or skater-inspired brands like Thrasher, Stussy, or Spitfire.


On the rare occasion that it gets a little chilly here in SoCal, a skater has to keep warm without sacrificing mobility. Skater outerwear usually consists of hoodies, denim jackets, or loose flannel shirts. If you’re taking your wheels up north where it gets a little colder, layering is going to come in handy. A denim jacket over a hoodie is a classic streetwear look that’s warm and comfortable for skating.


When you’re looking for pants, the focus should be on mobility. Try doing a kickflip in a pair of overly tight jeans. Not easy. But sweatpants are also impractical skatewear because they rip easily. Look for fitted, comfortable, and sturdy pants like cargo pants or loose, straight-cut jeans or chinos. For hot days, cargo shorts, denim shorts, chino shorts, or basketball shorts will all work well for this look.

Skate Shoes

If you’re new to the world of skate culture, this style piece is the easiest to adopt. Anyplace that sells sneakers will likely sell skate shoes. Skate shoes have flat soles made of vulcanized rubber or polyurethane for maximum boardfeel and padded tongues for comfort. The most popular brands for skate shoes include:

  • Vans
  • Nike SB
  • New Balance
  • Adidas Skateboarding
  • HUF
  • Supra
  • DC

Whether you just picked up a skateboard or have been skating since Thrashin’ came out, it’s hard to ignore how iconic skate-inspired fashion is. Fortunately, it’s also one of the more accessible styles to pull off with the right pieces.

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