Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in San Diego

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Snorkeling and scuba diving are the perfect new adventures for anyone living in the city of San Diego. Come and enjoy the shark tours, scuba lessons, and guided snorkeling tours that San Diego has to offer. Enjoy your day at the beach while exploring new marine life and going on adventures through the kelp forests.

La Jolla Water Sports

Whether you want to scuba or snorkel, this place has it all. This smaller company takes people out in smaller groups so that they get the full experience, and you get more one on one time with expert instructor. You can choose from a shark tour to getting certified to be a scuba diver. Come explore the underwater world in a safe, small group, and create an experience you’ll never forget.


This company allows you to become certified for scuba diving. You can choose from a private lesson or a semi private lesson. There is information listed on their website about what is and isn’t included in your classes. You can choose to snorkel, take scuba courses, experience free diving, or take first aid training. All of the training and expeditions that are offered are for your benefit, so come and take advantage of them.

Lois Ann Dive Charters

Check out the calendar for times and classes at San Diego’s premier dive charter. Explore the kelp forests and the under water life that San Diego has to offer. Some of the sights you will explore are The Tower, Ray Forest, and New Hope rock. The Tower is a wreck that is 60 feet deeply plunged into the water and is the perfect place to explore. This special kelp forest was named by a 12-year-old who noticed the special rays from the sun that make this kelp forest, resembled walking through a forest. New Hope Rock is the perfect place for open water exploration and new adventure.

Ocean Enterprises: San Diego Scuba Diving

Ocean Enterprises offers scuba courses, scuba gear, and rental opportunities. There is a numerous amount of events that you can be a part of. Such as the Dive Club Dive, Open Water adventures, and on July 15th there is an event in honor of the 3rd Annual Women’s Dive Day. Come celebrate and explore with Ocean Enterprises, and become an expert in the water like you’ve always wanted.

Scuba San Diego

This establishment has been open since 1968 and is doing better than ever. They offer scuba adventures and night time kayak tours. This is the perfect place to go whether you are an expert or just learning. Come experience the marine life that the kelp forests of La Jolla have to offer. Scuba San Diego has been open for over 85 years and continues to teach people, and show others how to enjoy mother nature.

Bike & Kayak Tours

Bike & Kayak Tours allows you to swim with leopard sharks and get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. This leopard shark tour is perfect for anyone just starting out with snorkeling or anyone craving a good time. They have kayak tours, snorkeling tours, and bike tours, that are all established for your enjoyment. Come swim with the sharks and enjoy the summer days while embracing the new ways to explore your city.

House of Scuba

If you are a little more experienced, come out in the water to enjoy courses that will take you on a whole new adventure. They are an authorized PADI dive center and have a numerous amount of Scuba certifications. There are courses such as the Wreck Diver Course, Boat Fiver Course, and the Dry Suit Course. There are many different adventures that you can go on through the House of Scuba.

Enjoy the under water escapades that San Diego has to offer!

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